Our Sunday routine includes watching the current NHK voiced-overed Korean drama on TV Japan*. I love the Korean dramas because the Japanese is always super easy compared to native Japanese dramas and the stories are super sappy.
The current drama, 春のワルツ (haru no warutsu – Spring Waltz), is every bit as sappy as its predecessor 冬のソナタ (Winter Sonata). Yumi and I really enjoy the show. However Yumi doesn’t like watching it with me, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact I provide a running commentary at no charge; she still rarely appreciates them.
Here are a few typical verbal comments Clay makes during peak moments in the show:

  • タマネギさん、がんばれ! tamanegi san, ganbare! Keep at it, Onion! (The starring lady is ウニョン, and I know it is a stretch, but to me ‘unyon’ sounds an awful like ‘onion’ – hence the たまねぎ)
  • (said with a building excitement) 三角関係じゃなくて、四角関係だよ!よっしゃ~! sankakukankei janakute, yonkakukankei da yo! yossha-! It isn’t a love triangle, it’s a love square! Woot!
  • イナが失恋してよかった。 ina ga shitsuren shite yokatta. I’m glad Ina was dumped. [イナ is in love with the pianist ジェハ who is in love with the Onion.]
  • まもなくチューです。接吻です! mamonaku chu- desu. seppun desu! A kiss is coming up. a smoootch!
  • (while yelling at the actor on the screen) フィリップ、今がチャンス! firippu, ima ga chansu! Philip, you have a chance! [Philip is in love with the Onion who, as you know, is in love with ジェハ who is in love with the Onion also.]
  • This week the Onion visits her hometown island. The Onion’s mother tips off ジェハ who surprises her at the station and joins her.
    You see, ジェハ is also from the same island, but neither of them knew that. As children they were playmates. In a twist only a Korean drama could pull off, ジェハ and the Onion meet again as adults but with different names. ジェハ is a famous pianist and the Onion isn’t.
    Anyway, ジェハ recognizes an old lady there and overhears her calling the Onion. It is that moment two simultaneous things occur. First, ジェハ realizes who the Onion really is. Second, yesterday’s episode ends.
    It is for this reason, I refuse to watch 24 on TV. I will buy the 6th season as soon as it comes out on DVD. I can’t just watch one episode. Having to wait a full week for the next episode would be worse than anything Jack could do to me.

    Here is a link to the lowdown on the cast.

    chinmabe.jpg* Speaking of TV Japan, the other day we got July’s program guide. On the cover, it had this graphic.
    I innocently asked Yumi, “What does チンマベ mean?” She laughed and said, “It is まちべん for 町 and 弁護士”. Japanese is difficult.
    machi town
    弁護士 bengoshi lawyer
    One last thing. I just submitted this site to a blog directory called Blogarama. Whenever I try to submit any of my sites to any directory, I am always amazed there never seems to be a ‘language’ section. Occasionally you find ‘educational sites’ but I’m afraid I’ll disappoint.

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