A few years ago, 2004 I think, TV Japan played a Korean Drama called 冬のソナタ (Winter Sonata). You may have seen it as it was super popular in Japan. I remember seeing the face of ヨンさま (the star) everywhere in Japan. He was on the walls of supermarkets advertising some new-fangled ointment for old ladies – he was a biggest hit among the おばさん class. He was at the airport advertising trips to Korea. I didn’t go, but it was moving.
Fuyu No Sonata
Winter Sonata

Yumi and I watched nearly every episode and loved them. Well, the same director has a new one out called 春のワルツ. He had to do some serious thunking to come up with that name.

Anyway, we’ve missed a few but I caught this morning’s episode. It is just as sappy as 冬のソナタ. So if you like hard to believe plots with amazing coincidental moments, melodramatic music and emotional love triangles, I would highly recommend it. I can’t wait until next week!

冬のソナタ fuyu no sonata – Winter Sonata
ヨンさま yonsama – I don’t know his ‘real’ name, but if you do a google image search, you may be able to find out what he looks like.
おばさん obasan – middle-aged woman
春のワルツ haru no warutsu – Spring Waltz

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