Here is a new phrase for me.  It has a nice sound to it like 中途半端 (chuuto hanpa – doing something halfway) or ぬきあしさしあし (nukuashisashiashi – walking stealthily like a ninja)*

yoridori midori
Having lots of choices

Here is the Kenkyusha 和英 entry for 選り取り:

doredemo yoridori sansoku gohyaku en da yo.**
Your Choice! Any 3 Pairds, only 500 Yen!
shinamono wa yoridori midori, nandemo aru yo.
Mix and match from a wide selection of goods!

And 広辞苑 (koujien, one of the most popular J-J dictionaries found in electronic dictionaries) has this:


* There is something about saying 中途半端 three times quickly to make any blue day a happy one. ぬきあしさしあし does the same thing, but you only have to say it once in a funny ninja-style voice.
** Of course in the perfect world that is the Kenkyusha 和英, romaji doesn’t exist. This blog, however, is far from perfect.