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Japanese Conversation and Dialogues NEW! Do you have an iPhone or iPad? If so, check out our newest app: Japanese Conversation and Dialogues. Click here to learn more…”
Using Japanese Siri on your iPhone 4s using Siri in JapaneseJapanese Siri

If you have an iPhone 4s, play around with the Japanese Siri even if you are still a beginner. It’s fun!

Phreadom’s Anki Tips Tips for using Anki by Phreadom. More…
Volume 8: Two by Two, Here We Go! Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 8: Counting two by two–with an Octopus! More…
Japan’s Prefectures Map of JapanJapan is divided into 11 regions. These regions are further divided into 47 prefectures. Our list starts from the most northern part of Japan (Hokkaido) and ends with the most southern (Okinawa). Each page contains detailed information on each of the prefectures. NEW Flash file added: click on any prefecture to hear the name and the capital city.More…
$5 Downloads at TJP

Our full line of $5 Japanese readers and lesson downloads. Each pack contains PDF files for printing, MP3 files for listening on your computer or MP3 player, and a Flash program for interactive studying on your computer.

犬棒カルタ Inubou Karuta Karuta Japanese card gameKaruta is a traditional Japanese card game based on the Iroha kana order. Karuta is a great way to not only build hiragana recognition, but to learn many useful proverbs. It is a favorite pastime on New Year’s Day.

This page lists all of the sayings, proverbs, and poems for the Inubou Karuta card set. With Audio

Chiyon’s nihongo no tamatebako
Chiyon’s Lessons
Toil is the Father of Fame
労働は名声の父と言われている。 roudou wa meisei no chichi to iwarete iru. Toil, as they say, is the father of fame.
Comparing 午前 and 午後 with A.M. and P.M.
Comparing 午前 and 午後 with A.M. and P.M.
Using the Nintendo DS to Study Japanese Nintendo DS as a Japanese Language learning tool
Sakura さくら Japanese traditional song Sakura with audio and explanation
Karate Training in Japan
Adding Furigana to Your Microsoft Word Document Most people have no trouble getting their computer to type Japanese (if you need help with setting up the IME, see our Wagawiki here), but adding furigana (small hiragana over kanji) for documents and PDFs can be a little harder.

This page will discuss how to add furigana in Microsoft Word 2007. Earlier versions of Word also have this feature and the setup may be similar as below. For those without Word, I believe Open Office either has this feature out of the box or as a plugin.

Lecturing to Japanese ER Nurses David Wollard on giving a lecture to a group of ER/ICU nurses in Japan regarding our institution and a bit of how we practice ER nursing in the States.
April 2004
About the JLPT the J apanese L anguage P roficiency T est is a yearly (in December) test of Japanese ability for non-native students of Japanese. The test can be taken in major cities in Japan and throughout the world. It focuses on reading ability, vocabulary, listening, kanji, and grammar. The answers are all multiple choice and you must use a pencil. Most Japanese universities require JLPT certification. Also taking the test may improve your chances for finding a nice job relating to Japan or Japanese.
TJP and TJS FREE Email Lists Page Free email lists at
Volume 6: You may be Watching too Many Jidai Geki IF… A simple test to find out if you are a jidai-junkie
Volume 1: Japanese Companies Learn a little about some important Japanese companies.
Common Questions at Elementary Schools A few common questions elementary school students are bound to ask you.
Body Language in Japanese How to express yourself non-verbally in Japanese
Japanese Car Plates About Japanese Car Number Plates
The Japanese Toilet Everything you need to know… before you go.
Clay in Japan Warning: not too educational
Natto NattouThe story of Clay’s introduction to this traditional Japanese food. Everything (and more) you would ever care to know.
The Yubikiri Song
Frog Song
Elephant’s Song
Momotaro – Peach Boy 桃太郎
Japanese Traditional Songs Japanese traditional songs
Japan has many, many traditional songs. I would like to have a look at many different traditional songs, but for now let’s look at a few children’s songs.
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Japanese & Western Calendars Learn what year ???? was in the Japanese calendar
Screws in Japanese A screwdriver should be such a simple instrument and yet there are two irritating types: Flathead and Phillips. (Actually there are more…) If I need a Phillips, I have a flathead screwdriver. If I need a flathead…
梅干 Umeboshi Umeboshi – the traditional Japanese food
Japanese food umeboshi
漫才 Manzai About 漫才 Manzai – the traditional Japanese stand-up comedy form
Japanese Hairstyles Hair styles are closely linked to Japanese Culture. When donning a kimono, spending enormous amounts of money on fixing the hair is not unheard of. In Sumo, the wrestler’s hairstyle expresses his ranking. Let’s take a look at some words relating to hairstyles.
Famous Japanese Personalities Learn about a few famous Japanese from the past and present.
Japanese Valentine’s Day
ホワイトデー howaito de- – White Day (revenge for the ladies)
An Ancient Pond by Basho
古池やかわず飛び込む 水の音Furuike ya – An ancient pond
Kawazu tobikomu – A frog jumps in
Mizu no oto – The sound of water

– Matsuo Basho

Jugemu Rakugo Skit
Jugemu – a Traditional Rakugo skit butchered by Clay!
Money with a Hole in it Some thoughts about holey coins
Japanese Money About Japanese Money
Japanese Post Office All about the Japanese Post Office–Ok, not really ‘All’
Japanese National Holidays When & what is the next holiday?
一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui 一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui
Tips for Foreigners Living in Japan Tips submitted by many people over the years — no longer maintained.
Tips for Foreigners Going to Japan Tips for coming to Japan submitted by many people over the years–take it or leave it.
Kanji for Countries Most countries around the world actually have a kanji name. This lists a few.
Japanese Grammatical Terms Grammatical terms in Japanese
I, Me, You, Thou…
A list of a few dozen pronouns – some common and some… not so.
About A little bit about
Using Japanese on your Computer Information on setting up your computer for Japanese (read and write/type)

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