Yumi in the Hospital

Yumi checked into the hospital earlier today for the c-section tomorrow. Leaving the hospital room was pretty easy. All we had to do was to tell Makoto, “Drive! Car!” However, in the parking lot, Makoto realized mommy wasn’t with us. “Mama wa?” “Mama doko?”
We managed to get home with a (eventually) calmed down Makoto.
Tomorrow morning we will go to the hospital and I’ll take my laptop. If the Internet works, I’ll try to let friends and family know what’s going on as it happens.  Last time (with Makoto), I didn’t have Internet access at the hospital and it took twenty minutes to get home.  There were a few complications and I couldn’t really leave. So hours passed without anyone in the home front knowing what was going on.
Unfortunately, even now the hospital doesn’t have a wifi spot (why?), but I am renting a router to plug in to my laptop.  We’ll see if it works tomorrow!

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Our Trip to Japan… with Makoto

All in all this trip from Florida to Japan took 26 hours from door to door. Makoto did very well; better than I had hoped.
Getting to the airport was fine. Makoto enjoyed the many 18 wheelers, pickup trucks, and cars on the interstate. He likes machines that move, and there were a lot of them.
The first flight (the short one, 2:10 hours) was the worst and gave us a false premonition of the horrendous things to come. Makoto did alright until the last 15 minutes of the flight when I had to buckle him for landing. He did NOT want to be buckled and he let everyone know it.
Strangely, he soon gave up the struggle and fell fast asleep while we landed.
We woke him up after entering the Chicago airport to save his ‘energy’ for falling asleep on the big plane.
After a few hours we boarded the big 777 and took off for Narita. Makoto did wonderfully the entire trip.
Makoto spying his first ShinkansenNormally, after the first meal (about one hour in) the plane darkens and everyone closes their window shade. Unfortunately for us, the guy behind us decided to look for icebergs every few minutes. Folks, when the lights go dim and just about everyone is trying to get some sleep, don’t open your window to let light flood the cabin. That’s just rude. It is amazing how one little window can make the cabin look like high noon.
We brought a portable DVD player, an extra battery for the player, a Nintendo DS, and many new toys to keep Makoto’s attention, but we really didn’t need any of that. On the big plane I read to Makoto one Thomas the Train book several times, but most of the time he just played with his cars quietly.
We arrived in Tokyo, went through customs, and boarded the Narita Express to get to the Shinkansen (bullet train).
In Tokyo Makoto got to see his first (憧れ akogare) dream SHINKANSEN! (see picture left)
The first few minutes of the Shinkansen ride was spent with a speechless Makoto.  Only rarely did he even blink!
Makoto’s Rides on 5-27-08:

1) Car to Airport (Jacksonville)
2) Plane to Chicago
3) Plane to Tokyo
4) Train (Narita Express) to Tokyo
5) Shinkansen to Maebara
6) Regular train to Fukui
7) Car to parents-in-law’s house

All that in 26 hours!  Makoto finally fell asleep just a few minutes before arriving at the house.  It couldn’t have been planned better.  (Clay stayed up until Midnight trying to catch up with email–He didn’t finish…)

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Rocking Makoto to Sleep

Last night during supper (around 6:30 PM) we noticed Makoto nodding occasionally.  He was all tuckered-out.
So after eating, I picked him up and walked around the house for twenty minutes until he fell asleep.  It was very 懐かしい (natsukashii nostalgic).  I used to put Makoto to sleep all the time that way when he was an infant.   …Only he is a little heavier now.
Guess it is something I have to look forward too in a few months (with the new baby).

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Where's my Phone? — Makoto, Give it Back!

Too late. Makoto managed to text message and call my sister. He also found out how to get to the camera function. Here are his unedited masterpieces:
Makoto’s First Photo
And here is the only picture that actually had an object in it—his foot:
Makoto’s Foot Photo
I’m not sure if he is ready for the mainstream yet, but even in these early pictures he shows greater talent than many avant garde artists. Stay tuned.

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The Countdown, Makoto and the Zoo

Makoto at the Zoo PictureFirst, the countdown has begun!
We are finally ready to move TheJapanesePage.com to the new server. There will still be much to do in the upcoming months, but at least we won’t have any more of those annoying server errors!
Expected Move Date: Feb 3-4 (Sunday-Monday)
Yesterday, we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Makoto really enjoyed it. This was his second trip to the Zoo, but at five months old, he was too young to enjoy the elephants back then.
To the right, we have a picture of Makoto in the bird house.
Below, a picture of Makoto running down a wooden bridge between exhibits with his grandparents.
The Zoo has a train that goes around the park. Makoto got to ride in it twice.  That plus a bit of ice cream made for a nice outing.

Makoto at the Zoo Picture

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We Setup our Webcam

Here is Makoto enjoying the webcam. He is looking at the video of himself (and papa) on the monitor.

Makoto and me image

Logitech Webcam imageThis isn’t quite the same model. For some reason, I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but it is very close. It is extremely handy for taking quick photos of anything near the computer and the 640×480 video is decent. I don’t think it is quite 30 fpm, but it is adequate for showing off DS games or the insides of books (which is what I use it for).

For the $40 or so I spent, it is well worth it. Now Yumi’s mother in Japan can see her grandchild.

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