Youtube Almost 900 subscribers!

As I type, our Youtube account has 896 subscribers! Just four more before 900. Then only a hundred more after that to add a digit. Are there perhaps four plus a hundred readers who have a Youtube account?
I haven’t added a video since going to Orlando a month ago. As soon as we move theJapanesePage.com and everything calms down again, I’ll get back to it. I’m slowly but surely (perhaps) learning how to do all that fun stuff.
Perhaps even more exciting than the almost 900 subscribers is our Introduction to Japanese video. It has 99,982 views right now.  (No, I haven’t watched it that many times)  Just a few more views and it will become a six digit number.  Too bad that’s not my salary.

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日本文学100選 Japanese Ebooks for the Nintendo DS

Wanting to test my new web cam with the better settings, I made this video showing off a new Nintendo DS software a friend sent me. It is called 1度は読んでおきたい・日本文学100選. It includes 130 Ebooks from famous Japanese author in public domain.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EG2yR7I7vY&rel=1] Beginners wouldn’t get much out of it, but Intermediates and above should love it. It has many extras like author info, abstracts and background on each story, illustrations etc.
The negatives are few. You can’t turn on furigana for all kanji. It does automatically display furigana for difficult or archaic readings, but you need to know readings for most common kanji. In addition, the DS screen resolution isn’t high. This makes it kind of hard to read complex kanji even with the largest font.
Still, it is excellent for advanced students wanting to read Japanese classics. I will probably add it to the store line up, but I haven’t yet.

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Using the Nintendo DS to Learn Japanese: Kanji Sono Mama DS Rakubiki Jiten

Learn Japanese with the Nintendo DS Rakubiki jiten
漢字そのままDS楽引辞典 kanji sono mama DS rakubiki jiten

First a bit on the title:
漢字 kanji kanji
そのまま sono mama as is (just like that)
楽引 rakubiki easy to lookup [楽 means ‘easy’ and 引く hiku with regard to dictionaries means ‘to lookup’] 辞典 jiten dictionary

‘Kanji as you see it, Easy to lookup DS Dictionary’
This is the software that almost turns your Nintendo DS into an electronic dictionary. Well, I guess it does, but it still can’t touch a standalone denshi jisho. The Kanji Sono Mama (henceforth abbreviated as such) contains three dictionaries:

  • Genius E-J 3rd Edition (95,000 words)
  • Genius J-E 2nd Edition (82,000 words)
  • Meikyou J-J

The Cons…
These are decent dictionaries, but despite the title there is no kanji dictionary. You can, however, lookup any kanji that is found in any of the three dictionaries. Also there are much larger dictionaries out there with better example sentences. Usually the most important dictionary for the English speaker is the Japanese-English since it is easy to come up with English synonyms to do lookups in a limited E-J dictionary, but if you are looking up a Japanese word you don’t know, the synonym trick won’t work.
The Pros…
Much, much cheaper than buying a standalone dictionary. Plus it can play games too! (Yes, the Nintendo DS actually has game software!) The Genius dictionaries are standard and of good quality, albeit a little small. You can write unknown kanji! The handwriting recognition is pretty good. I haven’t used it extensively, but just about every lookup I’ve done has displayed the right kanji the first time. I have heard some native Japanese speakers complain about it not choosing the right kanji, but I suspect the kanji drawn must be pretty complicated.
I made the following video a few months back.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2McMUatkYM] I would recommend this for those who at least have hiragana down pat and know the meaning (and most pronunciations) of about 100-200 kanji. Keep in mind it is made for native Japanese speakers. Still, as you can see in the video, it is very useful for looking up Japanese words even (especially) when you don’t know the reading.
Here is our store link for more information.

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Digital Juice on Youtube

Digital Juice is a company based in Florida that makes super high quality royalty free music, stock footage, clip art, animations and on and on. I highly recommend them if you are interested in video editing.
They just put up two music videos by Perry (last name?).
Perry makes even rap ‘music’ sound cool:

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Youtube Honor Update

Yesterday I wrote:

And on Youtube, this new video has an honor! It may not last long enough for me to press ‘Submit’, but we are #94 on page five (last page) for “Top Favorites: (Today): Travel & Places”! Woohoo!

Well, we’ve had a few other people ‘favorite’ the video. This has moved us up to #26!
Here is the link to the video.
UPDATE: We are currently at #21! Movin’ up in the world.
UPDATE on the UPDATE: Sadly, we are no longer loved or honored…

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Video: Beginner’s Conversation

                                                        <div id="blip_movie_content_294116"><a rel="enclosure" href="http://blip.tv/file/get/Iamclayb-JapaneseBeginnersConversationSayAgain417.flv"><img title="Click to play" alt="Video thumbnail. Click to play" src="https://blip.tv/file/get/Iamclayb-JapaneseBeginnersConversationSayAgain417.flv.jpg" border="0" /></a><br /><a rel="enclosure" href="http://blip.tv/file/get/Iamclayb-JapaneseBeginnersConversationSayAgain417.flv">Click To Play</a></div>                                      

And on Youtube, this new video has an honor! It may not last long enough for me to press ‘Submit’, but we are #94 on page five (last page) for “Top Favorites: (Today): Travel & Places”! Woohoo!

And here is the Youtube link.

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