Video: Beginner’s Conversation

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And on Youtube, this new video has an honor! It may not last long enough for me to press ‘Submit’, but we are #94 on page five (last page) for “Top Favorites: (Today): Travel & Places”! Woohoo!
And here is the Youtube link.

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NHK’s children’s program 日本語であそぼ! (Let’s play in Japanese) has a very catchy song for memorizing Jugemu… – a very long name in a famous Rakugo story:

寿限無、寿限無 jugemu jugemu
五劫の擦り切れ gokou no surikire
海砂利水魚の kaijarisuigyou no
水行末 雲来末 風来末 suigyomatsu unraimatsu fuuraimatsu
食う寝る処に住む処 kuunerutokoroni sumu tokoro
やぶら小路の藪柑子 yaburakoji no burakouji
パイポパイポ パイポのシューリンガン paipo paipo paipo no shu-ringan
シューリンガンのグーリンダイ shu-ringan no gu-rindai
グーリンダイのポンポコピーのポンポコナーの gu-rindai no ponpokobi- no ponpokona- no
長久命の長助 choukyuumei no chousuke

Alright, if all those weird kanji combinations is making your head spin and you hate romaji, here is the kana for you:

じゅげむ じゅげむ ごこうのすりきれ
かいじゃりすいぎょの すいぎょうまつ
うんらいまつ ふうらいまつ
くうねるところに すむところ
やぶらこうじの ぶらこうじ

I’ll give you five minutes to memorize it.
With Makoto’s help, I recorded myself reciting it here.


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Adobe Premiere – no Sound

I am new to Premiere 2 but it had been working well.  Then suddenly, the audio stopped audioing.  I did a quick Google search for ‘premiere no sound’ and got several forums with a similar problem.  However it seemed most people’s problem was with the main playback only.  They could hear the audio while scrubbing or in the small preview window.  I couldn’t hear ANY audio.
Turns out the solution is simple.  I found it here. But just to make it easier for the next guy, I thought I should also post it on this blog.
If you can play video but can’t hear audio, your audio is probably set to play with some external device.  To change it back to the computer’s sound card do this:
Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware > (And change the device)
Now, I am once again a happy camper.

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