You may think the name of this blog, Ichinichi Ikkai, was me setting the lofty goal of writing one post a day, but that wasn’t my first intention. Originally I had the idea to make this site a kind of blog/sale site for TheJapanShop.com where I would post a ‘hidden’ sale a day here on a single TJS item.  I may still do that some time in the future…
For the past two years or so, we’ve had our Super Suiyoubi deals where we heavily discount an item for about 24-26 hours (from when Clay wakes up Wednesday (hence the Suiyoubi) morning in Florida ’til when Clay wakes up Thursday morning in Florida). Sometimes I make a mistake and order way too many books or a past hot seller now sits on our shelves longing for a home. These are candidates for Super Suiyoubi specials.
Colloquial Kansai JapaneseSometimes these specials are a huge hit and we sell out. Sometimes they are a fizz. Usually it is the opposite of what I expect.
Anyway, today’s special is Colloquial Kansai Japanese which is 42% off cover (today only)
In its previous incarnation, the book was called ‘Kinki Japanese’ for the Kinki region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe…). For some reason the book titled as such sold better than it titled as ‘Colloquial Kansai Japanese’.
The only good news is, people who buy ‘Colloquial Kansai Japanese’ and know what it means are far more satisfied with it than those who bought ‘Kinki Japanese’ and didn’t know what it really meant.
Sorry about the video post below.  This blogging software doesn’t take too kindly to embedded video.  I will replace it with a link…  Done.

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