How to say I'm hungry, nay, I'm starving! in Japanese

And how to say I'm stuffed too...

Eating. It happens. 

Let’s look at a few phrases to help us when we are starving and when we are stuffed. 

Starving Phrases

  • お腹がすいた onaka ga suita I’m hungry [In conversation, the が can be dropped]
  • はらへった hara hetta I’m hungry [はら is another way to say “stomach.” Literally, “stomach decreased”]
  • お腹へった onaka hetta I’m hungry [The same as above, but with お腹 instead of はら]
  • お腹ペコペコ onaka pekopeko I’m hungry [A cute way to say it.]

Stuffed Phrases

  • お腹いっぱい onaka ippai (I’m) full [Stomach full]
  • 満腹 manpuku (I’m) full. [Also, stomach full; 満 full 腹 stomach]
  • もう食べられない mou taberarenai (I) can’t eat any more [もう any more; 食べられない to be not able to eat]
  • AND 腹八分 harahachibun [This literally means “stomach 80%.” It is used when you are almost full, but not stuffed. It is the proper time to stop eating.]
I'm stuffed in Japanese
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