Recently, to get Makoto to take his afternoon nap, we’ve had to pull out the big guns. When cuddling him, using the small and large strollers and singing Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra six times back-to-back fails to lull him to sleep, it’s time for the 最強兵器 saikyou heiki – Ultimate Weapon. That’s right. We go for a ドライブ (drive) in our semi-new minivan.

We bought the car last December and since we rarely go anywhere, we are still discovering new features. The other day when on a Mission Makoto-to-Sleep run, Yumi noticed the seatbelt light was on. I was in the middle next to Makoto and we were fastened in properly. Yumi was too. But someone wasn’t!

 Tevye, the Dog

Then we realized Tevye didn’t have his seatbelt on. The car evidently has a sensor under the two front seats. Tevye was lounging on the front passenger seat unaware of the drama he was causing.

I haven’t checked the manual, but it appears Toyota believes a 9.6 kilogram (according to Google: 21.1643772 pounds) dog needs to be buckled in. Yes, dogs can use seatbelts too. Here is a photo of him sitting in a chair waiting to be buckled in. For some reason, that chair didn’t come with safety belts.

Tevye, the Dog sitting up

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