顔面蒼白 Pale Face

face becoming white or pale because of a sudden fear or shock

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate
| A = Advanced

(ganmen (face) souhaku (pale, blue & white))

face becoming white or pale because of a sudden fear or shock

kao, gan face

men face, surface

sou pale, blue

haku white

笑顔 e gao – smiling face (smiling) [B]

似顔 ni gao – portrait, likeness [I]
仮面 ka men – mask [B]
面白い omo shiroi – interesting [B]
白熊 shiro kuma – polar (white) bear [B]

The lizard is no match for the muscular bear…


gojira wa kuma no pu-san no kinniku wo mite, ganmensouhaku ni natta.

Upon seeing Winnie the Poohs muscles, Godzillas face paled.


ゴジラ gojira – Godzilla The Japanese gojira comes from gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale)

熊のプーさん kuma no pu-san – Winnie the Pooh

筋肉 kin niku – muscles
見て mite – see and… from: 見る miru – to see
になった ni natta – became a form of なる naru to become

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