しぶい子供 Sophisticated Child

Sophisticated Child

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate
| A = Advanced

shibui kodomo

Sophisticated Child

しぶい shibui elegance, unobtrusive sophistication, cool

子供 ko domo child, children

渋柿 shibu gaki – sour persimmon [A]

渋滞 juu tai – traffic congestion [I]
子犬 ko inu – puppy [B]

Given a chance, little Frank can push the boundaries of kindergarten culture.


furanku chan wa shibui kodomo nanode, shinatora shika utaimasen.

Little Frank has such a touch of sophistication about him, he only sings Sinatra.


フランク furanku – Frank

ちゃん chan chan is mainly used for girls, but can be used for small boys as well

しぶい shibui Shibui is one of those words that is hard to grasp especially for gaijin! It implies a man who has a state of coolness about him. Elegance and a kind of maturity that everyone can instantly recognize.

Some examples of men who are shibui (according to Yumi!) are:
Dustin Hoffman
Roger Moore
Charles Bronson

and in Japan one of my favorite actors who may be considered to have that shibui-ness about him is:
Tamura Masakazu (better known as Furuhata Ninzaburou the detective)

ので node – therefore, so…

シナトラ shinatora – Sinatra whose first name is shared by our hero (Frank)
しか shika – alone, only this Always is paired with a negative verb. nihongo shika hanasemasen. (I only speak Japanese)
歌いません utaimasen – not sing

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