雪女 Snow Woman

Snow Woman

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate
| A = Advanced

yuki onna

Snow Woman

yuki snow

onna woman

大雪 oo yuki – heavy snow [B]

初雪 hatsu yuki – first snow of the season [I]
彼女 kanojo – she, her, girlfriend [B]
女の子 onna no ko – girl [B]


furorida ni sunde iru hitobito ni totte, yuki onna wa amari kowakunain desu.

As for people living in Florida, the Yuki Onna isnt very scary.


フロリダ furorida – Florida Foreign words are always written in katakana

に住んでいる ni sunde iru – living in

人々 hito bito – people The 々 to the right of the kanji means to repeat the kanji. It means the same as 人人
にとって ni totte – as for…
あまり怖くないんです amari kowakunai n desu – not very scary the amari means *very* and is used with negative sentences. The n just before desu is often used when explaining something

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