Japanese Idiom 足が棒になる My Dogs are Barking

Japanese Idiom with Video:

足が棒になる – to walk one’s legs off; have very sore legs; my dogs are barking

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  • ashi ga bou ni naru
  • to walk one’s legs off; have very sore legs; my dogs are barking

  • Have you ever walked so much your legs feel like boards? Next time that happens, say, “ashi ga bou ni natta.

  • Literally, “legs become staffs.” This comes from tired legs getting as stiff as a board.

  • 一日中歩いたので、足が棒になった。

  • ichinichi juu aruita node, ashi ga bou ni natta.
  • I walked all day, and now my legs are as stiff as a board.

  • 一日 ichi nichi — one day
  • 一日中 ichinichi juu — throughout the day [adding 中 chuu or juu adds the meaning of “throughout” or “in the course of…”: 一年中 ichinenjuu throughout the year (every day of the year); a common sign on stores that are open throughout the year is: 年中無休 nenjuumukyuu open throughout the year [literally, throughout the year, no resting]; this can be used for space too: 日本中 nihonjuu throughout Japan; 町中 machijuu throughout the town; 学校中 gakkoujuu throughout the school]
  • 歩いた aruita — walked [past of 歩く aruku to walk]
  • ので node — because; therefore
  • ashi — leg
  • ga — [subject marker]
  • bou — pole; rod; stick
  • になった ni natta — became

For more on this idiom, checkout Chiyon’s Nihongo no Tamatebako which includes a few more example sentences of this useful idiom.

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