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Articles for Intermediates of Japanese

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Japanese Idiom 木で鼻をくくる Give a Blunt Answer Japanese Idiom:木で鼻をくくる – tie your nose with a tree; to give a blunt answer

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腹を割る a heart-to-heart (talk); be frank; tell all [Japanese Idiom] Japanese Idiom with Video:腹を割る – a heart-to-heart (talk); be frank

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口が堅い tight-lipped; able to keep a secret Japanese Idiom with Video:口が堅い – tight-lipped; able to keep a secret; lips are sealed

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第十二章 ゆきはどこだ? Where is Yuki?
Karate Dojo Kun
三人上戸 The Three Drunks
iPhone Application: Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect In conjunction with, here is a brand new iPhone app. Learn 240+ essential Kansai dialect words and phrasesSound files, extensive notes, and a $5 coupon good for a download at…
Body Idioms Part VI
Body Idioms目を皿(のよう)にする Look closely
目に入れても痛くない So cute!
鼻 part 2 Akutagawa Ryūnosuke’s short story, Hana–the Nose. This is part two of eight. Now with Video!
鼻 part 1 Akutagawa Ryūnosuke’s short story, Hana–the Nose. This is part one of eight. Now with Video!
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第九章 家老の調査 The Chancellor’s Investigation
第九章 家老の調査At the Prince’s direction, the Chancellor starts investigating Yuki’s past.
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Body Idioms Part V
Body Idioms手の内を明かす Opening up your heart (but with your hands)
胸をなでおろす Stroking one’s chest in relief
Iroha Uta いろは歌
Iroha UtaAn ancient poem & an order of kana (like あいうえお)
第十九章 鬼の敗北 The Oni’s Defeat ゆきの物語
Chapter 19: The defeat of the Oni
Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位 Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位
第八章 若殿との出逢い A Rendezvous with the Prince
第八章 若殿との出逢いYuki gets invited to the castle to show off her skill. Now with Video!
第七章 買物 Shopping Chapter Seven: Yuki goes shopping.
第六章 都に到着 Arrival at the City Yuki arrives at her destination and finds a job.
第五章 助けて! Help! As Yuki continues her journey, she encounters some ronin and needs some help.
ほら吹き Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
土下座 Prostrating Oneself
kneeling down to the ground, prostrating oneself
一人残らず Everyone
しぶい子供 Sophisticated Child
Sophisticated Child
顔面蒼白 Pale Face
face becoming white or pale because of a sudden fear or shock
難攻不落の要塞 Impregnable Fortress
難攻不落の要塞impregnable fortress
寒中水泳 Swimming in the Middle of Winter
寒中水泳swimming in the middle of winter; a midwinter swim
辻斬り Samurai who Kills Someone with a Sword on the Street
辻斬りSamurai who kills someone with a sword on the street
馬が合わない Not get along
Not get along
弓を引く Draw the bow; rise up against…
Draw the bow; rise up against…
Volume 4: Kanji Form Categories 六書: What is it? Today we will look at how etymology of kanji are categorized. That is, there are 6 ways the ancient Chinese used to explain how each kanji is put together.
Volume 3: Letters to Kotoba Zamurai’s Little Brother The Defender of what is right, the corrector of already correct Japanese, That’s right, it’s “Letters to Kotoba Zamurai’s little brother” time!
Volume 2: Useless Questions for Today In This Day and Age, Totally Useless Questions
Here are a few questions that once stirred the heart of every Japanese, but today are no longer in debate…
The Kotoba Zamurai Archives “Kotoba zamurai” articles are written to be “a non-systematic approach to learning unusual, but useful words.” While these not-so-serious articles are written with the upper-beginner to intermediate in mind, even beginners should be able to get something out of them. If not, I may have wasted 15 minutes of your life… I will leave it up to you to take the chance.
芥川龍之介 – 鼻 Akutagawa’s Hana This story, The Nose (鼻 hana), was composed in 1916 and is about a monk with a very large nose (hence the title). The story addresses jealousy, egoism, and the making fun of others all with a hint of humor here and there. Complete Story with Audio.
幕末 – Words About the End of the Edo Period 幕末 – End of the Edo Period Vocabulary
和製漢字 Kanji, made in Japan Exploring a few 和製漢字, Kanji that were Created in Japan.
Murphy’s Law in Japanese A few important Murphy’s Law statements in Japanese
折り紙つき certified to be good The etymology of 折り紙つき certified to be good
語源 J Etymology 語源 gogen – Japanese Etymology articles
New Years Day Words A few important words and customs for the Japanese New Year
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Why study Osaka-ben? Some reasons to study the Osaka dialect
Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」 Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」
Japanese Dialects Japanese Dialects
The Planets in Japanese
Japanese Lesson on how to say the planet names in Japanese.
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese Poem
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese poem by Miyazawa Kenji
第二章の漢字 Chapter 2 Kanji Chapter 2 Kanji
Japanese Kotowaza, Sayings, and Four Letter Words Japanese Proverbs and Sayings-a growing collection of lessons with audio and video
第一章の漢字 Chapter 1 Kanji Chapter 1 Kanji
第十八章  鬼の襲撃 The Oni’s Attack The oni attacks Yuki’s wedding banquet.
第十七章 家来の不満 The Retainer’s Complaint One of the lord’s retainers is upset.
第十六章 鬼 The Oni A bargain is made with an oni.
第十五章 大名 The Lord The lord of the neighboring country takes an interest in Yuki.
第十四章 救出 The Rescue Yuki is rescued.
第十三章 一本の毛 A Single Hair Yuki desperately tries to find a way to summon the fox.
第十二章  ゆきはどこだ? Where is Yuki? Yuki’s absence gets noticed.
第十一章 忍者の襲撃 Attack of the Ninja Yuki gets abducted by ninja.
第十章 家老の調査報告 The Minister’s Report The Minister delivers his report.
第四章 商人との出会い Encounter with a Merchant
As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a merchant.
第三章 狐との出会い Encounter with a Fox As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a fox.
第二章 漁師との出会い Encounter with a Fisherman As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a fisherman.
第一章 ゆきの紹介 Introducing Yuki Yuki sets out on her journey.
ゆきの物語 – Yuki’s Story