iPhone Application: Founding Fathers Quotes


OK, so this has nothing to do with Japanese, but here is our newest iPhone app! Just released today (July 30th, 2009)

Founding Fathers Quotes iPhone app

Hundreds of quotes with names, date, & notes; search; quiz; period art

Learn Thoughtful & Witty Quotes from the Founding Fathers

If you are a user and have any problems or questions about the application, please email us or call our Toll Free number at 1-866-837-3607.
iPhone Founding Fathers Quotes app

-=iPhone or iPod Touch=-

The Founding Fathers of the United States are remembered for many things, not the least of these are their writings and speeches. Many quotes seen commonly are left nameless or are even misattributed. We have painstakingly researched not only the author of each quote but the date and related background information. Currently, the app has over 300 quotes; we have an update almost ready adding another 50 and making minor corrections.

For more interesting Founding Fathers Quotations, please see Mark’s Quotes.

The Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers Quotes

Read and study quotes by:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • George Washington
  • John Adams (and the Founding Mother Abigail!)
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • James Madison
  • John Jay
  • Patrick Henry
  • Thomas Paine
  • Samuel Adams
  • And many more!
iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app

Why is this app different from other quote apps?

Most quote apps out there are simply flashcard apps with little or no information or interactivity. This is fine for reading, but for those with a genuine interest in the founding era of the Republic, our app contains context and date information. One of the reasons we created this app was because so many wonderful quotes found on the internet and other apps are misattributed or–perhaps worse–left unnamed or undated.

We have researched each of the quotes found in the app and have done our best to make sure the quote and the information is accurate. (of course PLEASE let us know if you spot any errors!)

Also ours isn’t simply a list of quotes in a flashcard format. We have included bios of the major players, a search function to quickly find any keyword, an interactive quiz, a way to email a quote to a friend, and a favorites feature.

We sincerely want to make this a useful app for lovers of American history–if you have ANY suggestions or corrections, please email us or give us a call.

iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app

* Over 300 quotes (more to be added in updates of course!)
* Biographies given for most of the authors (linked from each quote by that person)
* Browse the quotes by the Father (author) or by Categories (e.g. Advice; Character/Honor; Constitution; Economics; Liberty; etc)
* Search for quotes–find any word in any quote easily
* Each quote has date, author, and background information if available
* Favorite any quote for easy review; you can also easily delete favorites
* Email quotes to friends easily
* Test your skills with the quiz: a quote is displayed with four names; you have to choose the correct author
* Review missed quotes at the end of the quiz by jumping to the individual quote pages
* Random — feeling lucky? Tap to see a random quote.
* Beautiful graphics and artwork

iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app
iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app

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