Building upon the first podcast, this episode covers adding a か ka at the end to change a statement into a question.
[display_podcast] 何か食べたいです。 I want something to eat.
nanika tabetai desu.
[Note: the ‘I’ is assumed, but it just as easily be ‘you’ in the right context.] To make that into a question, just add か
何か食べたいですか? Would you like something to eat?
nanika tabetai desu ka

[Notice I didn’t say ‘Would I like something to eat?’ since it is obvious ‘you’ would be more appropriate]

何か飲みたいです。 I want something to drink.
nanika nomitai desu.
何か飲みたいですか? Would you like something to drink
nanika nomitai desu ka?

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