Japan is divided into 11 regions. These regions are further divided into 47 prefectures. Our list starts from the most northern part of Japan (Hokkaido) and ends with the most southern (Okinawa).

This page contains detailed information on each of the prefectures.

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About the Prefectures:
Japan is divided into a total of 47 parts. However, they are not all called ken (prefecture). Of the 47, 43 are called “ken” — (prefecture). 2 are called ‘fu’ (Osaka & Kyoto). 1 is called “do” (Hokkai DO). 1 is called ‘to’ (Tokyo to)

Download the Prefecture map as a PDF

To remember it Japanese children learn the following poem:

itto, ichi dou | ni fu | yonjuu san ken
one “to,” one “do” | 2 “fu” | 43 “ken”