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2 kyuu Kanji with One Pronunciation Page 1

All the Kanji on the JLPT Level 2 Test with ONE reading
: #1

NOTE: Actually, most of these
kanji DO have more than one reading, however they are rarely used or used only
in names AND with recent changes in the test a few of these may actually be
3 kyuu kanji!


The Kanji  

& Meanings
and/or interesting words




– I love you!
愛妻 ai sai – beloved wife
愛知県 ai chi ken – Aichi prefecture
愛読 ai doku – a Book lover




気圧 ki atsu – atmospheric pressure
電圧 den atsu – voltage


commit; to entrust with 委員 i in – committee member
任せる makaseru – to entrust, leave ~ to

i – stomach
胃液 i eki – stomach juices, the gastric
いき boundary 地域 chi iki – a region, area
地域時刻 chi iki ji koku – local time
universe, eaves, house 宇宙 u chuu – the universe, space
宇宙人 u chuu jin – an alien

宇宙飛行士 u chuu hi kou
– an astronaut
宇宙旅行 u chuu ryo kou – Space travel

えき – liquid 毒液 doku eki – venom (from a snake…)

血液型 ketsu eki gata – blood type

えん to act;; to perform a play 演歌 enka – Enka (style of Japanese music)
開演 kai en – curtain opening (start of a play)
おう king 王国 ou koku – kingdom, monarchy
王子 ou ji – a prince

王手 ou te – checkmate, check (shougi/chess)
王様 ou sama – a king

おう center 震央 shin ou – center of earthquake; epicenter中央 chuu ou – the center; central; middle
おう Europe 西欧 sei ou – Western Europe
欧風 ou fuu – European style
おく hundred million 一億 ichi oku – 100,000,000
subject of study 学科 gakka – subject; course of study

科学 ka gaku – science
教科書 kyou ka sho – a textbook

money, goods
金貨 kin ka – a gold coin
硬貨 kou ka – a coin

section, lesson
課長 ka chou – section chief
課税 ka zei – taxes, taxation

possible, approve
許可 kyo ka – permission, approval
可愛い kawaii – cute, pretty
不可能 fu ka nou – impossible

可能性 ka nou sei – possibility

candy, confectionery
– sweets, snack


菓子屋 kashi ya – confectionery shop

shell; shellfish
kai – a shell
貝塚 ka zuka – a shell mound (remains of ancient
socities’ dump)
かい (1st, 2nd) floor (of a building);
音階 on kai – music scale
武士階級 bushi kai kyuu – warrior class

階段 kai dan – stairs

かい machine 機械 ki kai – a machine
機械翻訳 ki kai hon yaku – machine translation
かい mediate; come between; to aid 紹介 shou kai – introduce
自己紹介 ji ko shou kai – self-introduction
がい harm; calamity 迫害 haku gai – persecution
煙害 en gai – smoke pollution
かつ active, live, activity 生活 sei katsu – life, living,lead a life
復活 fukkatsu – revival, restoration

活火山 kakkazan – an active volcano
活動 katsu dou – activity, movement

かん feeling, sense, feel 実感 ji kan – real feelings

第六感 dai rokkan – the 6th sense, a hunch
女の直感 onna no chokkan – women’s intuition
感じる kanjiru – to feel, experience

感謝 kan sha – thanks, gratitude
感動 kan dou – to be moved (emotionally)impressed

かん complete, perfect 完璧 kan peki – perfect, completeness

完全 kan zen – perfection, completeness
完全主義者 kan zen shu gi
– a
perfectionist (person)

かん government 警察官

satsu kan
– a
官庁 kan chou – government office

かん view 観光 kan kou – sightseeing

観光ビザ kan kou biza – tourist visa

かん publish 月刊 gekkan – a monthly publication
週刊 shuu kan – published weekly

夕刊 yuu kan – evening paper

かん simple 簡単 kan tan – easy, simple
簡略 kan ryaku – simplicity
かん a can (drink or food can) 空缶 aki kan – an empty can
缶詰 kan zume – packed can, canned goods

缶切り kan kiri – a can opener



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