I played with the SD card version of this soft and it worked well. However, the CD-ROM is much cheaper and installs in the Casio’s onboard memory which frees up the SD expansion slot. This post is about how to install it.
Casio XD-GW9600There doesn’t appear to be a Mac version. If you have a Mac, you may have to get the SD card – or use your friend’s PC long enough to move the data to the dictionary.
Here are the supported OSes: Windows 98, Me, 2000 Pro, XP Home and XP Professional. Vista is NOT supported via the CD, but the instruction sheet says the owner can download a Vista version from the website. I don’t have Vista installed yet, so I am not able to test this. NOTE: I don’t know if the English version of 98, Me or 2000 will work – see bottom for details. XP will be fine if you can make Japanese the language for non-Unicode programs (see step 0b below).
Although I am a man*, I read through several pages in the Japanese manual before realizing the second half of the 説明書 was in English! It was good reading practice, but when I’m in a hurry…
0) Don’t plug in the dictionary before step 10!
0b) If you run an English XP, you will need to temporarily change the non-Unicode program language to Japanese:
(Start – Control Panel – Regional and Language Options – Advanced – set drop down menu to ‘Japanese’)
1) Stick the CD in. It should auto start and give you a menu.
2) Click on インストール. (the top インストール)
3) A setup screen should appear. If your XP is English based and not set for Japanese, you will see 文字化け (messed up characters). See step 0b (you have to do this. I tried to ignore it, but it won’t work)
4) Press “次へ (N)>” several times
5) Press “はい(Y)” several times until you get to this:
6) In the top input box, type a Username (I don’t think it matters what, but you may want to choose one you will remember just in case you use other CDs from the Casio library)
7) In the second input box, type the serial number found in case.
8 ) The next screen is to choose a place to save the files. Click “次へ (N)>”
9) It will install and then just click “完了” to finish. (you can uncheck the ‘read me now’ box if you want to)
(Take a 5 minute break)
10) Run the new EX-word icon on your desktop and plug in your (still off) Casio XD-GW9600 with the mini USB cable provided.
11) Once the USB plug is in and the EX-word ライブラリー is running, turn on the XD-GW9600.
12) Hit the お気に入り/ライブラリー button twice (you may have to use the right arrow to move to the 通信 area)
13) Hit the 訳/決定 button on the dictionary and your computer should see it. (You may have to install it, but it should be pretty automatic – Just hit ‘continue anyway’ if asked)
14) The software on your computer should see the dictionary.
15) Here is the running screen:
The left selected in blue file is the Kanji Learner’s Dictionary we just installed from the CD. The top right green box is the Casio’s built in memory (50 Megs). The bottom right blue box is the SD card I happen to have in the machine now (optional). It is obvious, but pressing the top pink right-arrow copies the dictionary to the main memory (recommended) and the bottom one to the SD card. By saving it to your main memory, you still have a free SD slot for another dictionary.
16) Press one of the right arrows and let it do its stuff!
I spent about two hours getting it installed, but it would have been a lot faster had I turned on ‘Japanese’ as the language for non-Unicode programs first. It will NOT work without doing so. Also it would have been faster had I not written this 🙂
If you are thinking of buying this CD (hopefully from us!), first check to make sure you can turn on the Japanese for non-Unicode programs. You may or may not have to have your original XP disk. If you are running English 98, Me or 2000, I am not sure if it will work. In that case, it may be best to buy the SD card which requires no installation.
Here are the store links:
The Casio XD-GW9600 dictionary
The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary CD-ROM version (what this post is about – for Japanese Windows or English XP that can use Japanese as the language for non-Unicode programs)

The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary SD Card version (for Mac, and English 98, Me and 2000 users)

  • Men, as you well know, don’t stop for directions or read instruction manuals.
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