I’ve been meaning to write this as a matter of record, but Makoto has officially said (and continues to say) his first word. Actually there are a couple.
I imagine Makoto reading this twenty years from now.

Mr. 21-and-a-half-year-old Makoto, your first word was ‘car’. And on the Japanese front, you can also say ‘baba’ for grandma. In further addition, you can say a host of other words apparently in Korean and Chinese (We haven’t studied Korean or Chinese enough to know).

Also a very important change in the English language: a ‘train’ or ‘truck’ is really a ‘car’.
UPDATE: Makoto has to wear shoes when going outside. I pointed to a pair flip flop shoes that he usually likes and said, ‘Do you want these くつ?’ (I know, I know. I don’t usually mix Japanese with English, but it just came out of my mouth.) He shook his head, ‘no’. Then I said, ‘How about these くつ?’ He shook his head, ‘yes’.
This post is brought to you by the word 神童

A child prodigy, wonder child

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