[display_podcast] One of the programs Makoto enjoys nearly every day is called おかあさんといっしょ okaasan to issho – With Mother.
It’s a well produced NHK children’s program hosted by two guys and two gals who sing and dance. Occasionally, these real people take a break while the show focuses on some toilet education anime or grown men in puppet costumes acting silly. In short, it’s a joy to watch.
まゆ姉さん vs マヨネーズI just wanted to bring up the ladies’ names.
The main lady singer’s name is はいだ しょうこ. She is usually known as しょうこ姉さん.

(お)姉さん (o)neesan means ‘older sister’ but is used in general by children to call young women. It is like saying ‘Miss So-and-so’

It doesn’t happen every time, but when I hear her name I think of 証拠隠滅 shou ko in metsu which means ‘destruction of evidence.’ I know it is silly, but it happens.
Next and more amusingly, we have いとう まゆ. With the 姉さん added, Miss まゆ sounds a lot like マヨネーズ (mayonnaise).
まゆさん mayu san – no problem here; no hint of condiments
まゆ姉さん mayu neesan – big problem; makes you want a burger with fries.

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