I am fairly new to blogging, but I found Technorati soon after starting this blog. I’ve watched it go from the millions (depressing) to the hundreds of thousands (lower is better, but still depressing), but it has been stagnant recently.
Technorati is kind of like the Google of the blog world. It tracks your progress and compares your blog to the millions of other blogs out there. Getting other blogs to link to you greatly improves your stats. It grades blogs by:

  • Authority – Your Authority is basically how many other blogs link to you or mention you in a post. You want this number to go up.
  • Rank – This compares your popularity to all other blogs in Technorati’s index. You want this number to go down

Our Technorati Profile
P.S. This blog’s current rank is 360,865. Any advice on how to improve that, please let me know!

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