Learn Japanese with the Nintendo DSAbout a year ago I bought a Nintendo DS and a few kanji training ‘games’ from Japan. I was immediately impressed and decided to add several to our store’s line up. In the next few posts (sequential unless something else tickles my fancy), I would like to do a few spotlight reviews for each specific DS software I’ve tried.
The short of it all is none of the games are great for beginners. Upper beginners may make good use of any of them, but intermediates and advanced students will get the most out of them.
If you don’t have a DS, I would highly recommend it for study and play. Take a look at the reviews at Amazon for the Nintendo DS Lite. The ‘Lite’ means it is smaller than the original in size not power. It is the newest version and is not only lighter but has a better screen. The best thing is the US version (or any other country’s version – except China) will work with Japanese DS software! The touch screen with a stylus makes it ideal for language learning. Way to go Nintendo!

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