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The Kanji Readings & Meanings

1) un - luck, 2) hakobu - to carry

In the army [], people have to carry many things

運河 un ga - canal
運命 un mei - fate, destiny
安全運転 an zen un ten - safe driving

1) juu, 2) chou, 3) omoi - heavy

This is a heavy village [] because it has 1000 [] people over it

貴重 ki chou - precious, valuable
重ね着 kasane gi - wearing clothes over clothes
重点 juu ten - important point, to stress something

1) ei, 2) hanabusa, 3) - England, English, grand

There is a lot of grass in the center [] of England

石英 seki ei - quartz
英会話 ei kai wa - English conversation
英訳 ei yaku - English translation
英雄的 ei yuu teki - heroic

1) eki - station (train)

A lot of horses [] R at the station

駅前 eki mae - in front of a station
駅員 eki in - station attendant
駅弁 eki ben - station bento (lunch)

1) shuu, 2) owari, 3) tsui - end, finish

The last thread [] finishes the winter [] sweater

最終 sai shuu - the final, last, closing
終戦 shuu sen - end of war
終電 shuu den - the last train
終了 shuu ryou - end, termination

1) ta, 2) ooi - many, much, frequent

Two katakana ta's [] are too many

多すぎる oosugiru - too much
多分 ta bun - probably, maybe
多目的 ta moku teki - multi purpose

1) ki, 2) okiru, 3) okosu - get up, wake up

Running [] in the morning makes you wake up

早起き haya oki - getting up early
思い起こす omoi okosu - to recall a memory
一念発起 ichi nen hokki - be resolved to ...

1) oku, 2) ya - roof, house, shop

A roof starts from ground [] up

本屋 hon ya - book store
芝居小屋 shi bai go ya - playhouse, theater
屋敷 ya shiki - mansion

1) sou, 2) okuru - send

衛星放送 ei sei hou sou - satellite broadcasting
生放送 nama hou sou - live broadcast
送金 sou kin - sending money (through mail...)

1) kyou, 2) oshieru - teach, faith, education

This kanji is part of your education!

キリスト教 kirisuto kyou - Christianity
宗教 shuu kyou - religion
ユダヤ教 yudaya kyou - Judaism
教育 kyou iku - education

1) dai, 2) tei, 3) otouto - younger brother

A lot of younger brothers like bows and arrows []

従兄弟 itoko - cousin
兄弟 kyou dai - brothers
弟子 de shi - disciple, pupil
愛弟子 mana deshi - favorite student, teacher's pet

1) dou, 2) onaji - same, agree, equal

When everyone agrees they have one [] mouth []

同意 dou i - agreement, same thought
同音語 dou on go - homonym
同期 dou ki - same class, same period, contemporaries

1) shu, 2) su, 3) nushi - Lord, master, principal matter

The Lord is above a king []

地主 ji nushi - landlord
城主 jou shu - lord of a castle
創造主 sou zou shu - Creator

1) shi, 2) omou - think

A lot of thinking can be done in one's heart [] in a rice patty []

意思 i shi - intention, purpose
片思い kata omoi - one sided love, unrequited love
両思い ryou omoi - mutual love
思い出す omoi dasu - to recall, remember

1) shin, 2) oya, 3) shitashii - parent, relative, familiar

Becoming close to someone takes looking [] closely at them

父親 chichi oya - father parent
母親 haha oya - mother parent
両親 ryou shin - parents
親指 oya yubi - thumb

1) ka, 2) ke, 3) hana - flower

Grass changes [] into a beautiful flower

生け花 ike bana - flower arrangement
火花 hi bana - a spark
花火 hana bi - fireworks
花見 hana mi - flower viewing (cherry blossoms)

1) ka, 2) natsu - summer

Compare with winter fuyu []

夏休み natsu yasumi - summer vacation
夏祭り natsu matsuri - summer festival
夏期時間 ka ki ji kan - daylight savings time

1) ga, 2) kaku - picture

Many words pertaining to pictures, art, and movies use this kanji

映画 ei ga - a movie, film
計画 kei kaku - plan, schedule, program
山水画 san sui ga - landscape picture

1) kai - world

The world is like one big rice field [], isn't it?

世界 se kai - the world, society
世界一 se kai ichi - the best in the world
視界 shi kai - field of vision, sight

1) bai, 2) kau - buy

A lot of money words also have shell kai [] as part of the kanji. A long time ago shells were used as money.

買い物 kai mono - something to buy, shopping
売買 bai bai - selling & buying, trade
買主 kai nushi - the buyer, purchaser

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