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The Kanji Readings & Meanings

1) shou, 2) sukunai , 3) sukoshi - few, little

Small is []

少々お待ちください shou shou omachi kudasai - Please wait a moment
少年 shou nen - youth, boy

1) jou, 2) chou, 3) ba - location, place

The bit on the left [] means ground

場所 ba sho - a place, area
スキー場 suki- jou - ski area
駐車場 chuu sha jou - parking lot

1) chi, 2) shiru - to know, wisdom

To the left [- ya] means arrow and to the right [- kuchi] is a mouth.

知恵 chi e - wisdom
知事 chi ji - governor
告知 koku chi - announcement, notice

1) shin, 2) ma, 3) makoto - true, reality

This kanji has a ten [- juu] over an eye [- me]

写真 sha shin - photograph
真っ暗 makkura - pitch black
真に makotoni - really, truely

1) zu, 2) to, 3) e, 4) hakaru - map, drawing, plan, unexpected

Think of it as a treasure map where X marks the spot

地図 chi zu - map
合図 ai zu - sign, signal
意図 i to - intention, aim

1) sei, 2) se, 3) yo - generation, world, society

世界 se kai - the world
世紀 sei ki - century
人生 jin sei - life

1) seki, 2) yuu - evening

Think of it as the moon in the evening sky

夕方 yuu gata - evening
夕焼け yuu yake - sunset
夕食 yuu shoku - dinner

1) sou, 2) hashiru - run

It looks like a runner getting ready to start the race

競走 kyou sou - race
脱走 dassou - escape, desertion
逃げ走る nige hashiru - to run away

1) zoku - tribe, family

There is a person [- kata] with an arrow [- ya] finding food for his tribe and family

民族 min zoku - tribe
家族 ka zoku - family
核家族 kaku ka zoku - nuclear family

1) chuu, 2) sosogu, 3) sasu- pour, flow into, concentrate on

The marks on the left indicate water (pouring) and the right means "lord"

注意 chuu i - caution, warning
注文 chuu mon - order (restaurant...)
注射 chuu sha - injection, a shot

1) den, 2) ta - rice field

Think of 4 square rice fields together

油田 yu den - oil field
田植え ta ue - rice planting
田舎 inaka - the country (irreg. pron)

1) dai, 2) tai - stand, stage, pedestal

It looks like someone sitting on a box and talking into a mic

舞台 bu tai - stage
台風 tai fuu - taiphoon
台所 dai dokoro - kitchen

1) tai, 2) matsu - wait, depend on

Don't confuse with samurai []

待ってください matte kudasai - please wait a sec
期待 ki tai - expectations, hopes
招待 shou tai - invitation

1) dai - topic, subject

宿題 shuku dai - homework
話題 wa dai - topic, subject
問題 mon dai - problem

1) do, 2) to, 3) taku, 4) tabi - degree, time, times occurred

一度 ichi do - one time, once
温度 on do - temperature
今度 kon do - next time

1) ritsu, 2) ryuu, 3) tatsu - to stand

Think of a person in the act of standing up

県立 ken ritsu - prefectural
独立 doku ritsu - independence
日立 hi tachi - Hitachi company

1) ryo, 2) tabi - trip, travel

A person [] packing his bag for a trip

旅行 ryo kou - trip
旅人 tabi bito - a traveller
旅券 ryo ken - passport

1) ryoku, 2) riki, 3) chikara - power, strength, exertion

Don't confuse it with nine [- kyuu]

力持ち chikara mochi - strong person
能力 nou ryoku - ability
協力 kyou ryoku - cooperation

1) chuu, 2) hiru - noon, daytime

The sun [- hi] is in the middle at noon

昼寝 hiru ne - a nap
昼食 chuu shoku - lunch, noonmeal
昼休み hiru yasumi - lunch break, noon break

1) chou, 2) machi - town, village

Think of a small town with a T shaped road leading to a rice field

港町 minato machi - port city
町民 chou min - townspeople
町会 chou kai - town council

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By Clay & Yumi Boutwell