It was 4:29 this morning. The alarm went off and so did I—to Wal-Mart that is.
Today was Black Friday. The day retail stores see more black than red.
There weren’t many cars on the road, but as I pulled into our Super Wal-Mart, I noticed the parking lot (which is huge) was near capacity. I had to park in the farthest row near the farthest corner. That’s alright. I was on a mission. I had to get this 14″ Lightning McQueen car from Cars. I was successful and even made it to the gym right on time (5:30). A classic in and out operation. Total time: 4:40 to 5:10
I will make it a point to never go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday again, but when I go next year at the insistence of my wife, here are a few tips I will take with me.

  • I will go 15 minutes before the sale starts. My time is worth more than I can save by waiting an hour and buying things I don’t need.
  • I will park far away from the store. This makes for an easy escape.
  • I will not use a buggy. As soon as the sale started 99% of the people were stuck right where they were. I was able to wind myself around aisles with ease.
  • I will get what I want and then immediately checkout. 10 minutes after the sale started, I had found the Lightning McQueen car, the Lightning McQueen sleeping bag and the Lightning McQueen tent I was looking for. Most people were still shopping so the registers were pretty empty. Within 5 minutes I was out of the store! A record for Wal-Mart on any day.

One last thing. Check Wal-Mart.com for secret sales the day before. I noticed online last night that Shrek 3 was a secret sale. I wasn’t intending to look for it, but at checkout there it was right in front of the cashier. I grabbed it and asked if it was on sale too. She didn’t think so, but after scanning it, it was $12 (instead of $20).
Makoto with the spoils…
Makoto and his Car
Makoto feeding the car his breakfast:
Makoto Feeding the Car

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