Yesterday I called an airline to check on reserving airplane tickets for my parent’s-in-law to come to visit us here in the US. Yumi was on Skype talking to her mother and I was on the phone talking with a nice lady from the Airlines.
–An Interlude–
Normally we have a Secret Language that allows us to safely say things we just can’t say in English. For example while walking through an Antique store, we can say – in our Secret Language – “These prices are ridiculous!” Or leaving a public bathroom I can safely remark, “That guy didn’t wash his hands.” Of course this Secret Language is Japanese.
–End Interlude–
As the nice airline lady was explaining our options, I was speaking in our Secret Language to Yumi who was relying the message also in the Secret Language to her mother through Skype. After about ten minutes of this, I heard on the phone the lady saying, “No, no that’s not right. Your wife said it will leave at 9 AM, it is 1 PM!” In shock I asked, 「日本語ができますか?」 She said, “yes” but not in the Secret Language.
All throughout the remainder of the call, my mind raced at all the things I said to Yumi in the Secret Language before the secure line was known to be compromised. Did I say anything incriminating or insulting? I am not sure.
It just goes to show, you have to be careful of what you say – even with a Secret Language.

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