I included the post about avoiding romaji in our monthly TheJapanShop.com newsletter and got great feedback. Here is an email (reprinted with permission) from a great customer:

Dear Clay,
I totally agree with you about using the kanji to build vocabulary. I studied my first 2 years of Japanese with the Genki books. I use maybe half of the vocabulary that was in those textbooks. Mostly because I don’t need a lot of that particular vocabulary not being a an exchange student or living in Japan. But next year I am planning to take JLPT 2, so I am studying 16 new kanji every two weeks, since then I have noticed my vocabulary increase immensely. When I watch anime there is a lot of new vocabulary I am familiar with and when I hear it, I know it is one of the new kanji I learned this year. I also agree with you about using the kanji to improve vocabulary because that was also my intention to gear up my vocabulary for the kyuu 2.
As for this person being in Japan a short time it is understandable. I personally would recommend the Pimsleur program for someone in those circumstances. It is specifically geared towards business people and people who might have to learn Japanese fairly quickly! They are very easy and even being a student it has help polish some of my basic Japanese.
Best Wishes,

I hope her words can be of encouragement to someone. I also think the Pimsleur suggestion would be excellent for his situation.

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