Using Japanese Siri on your iPhone 4s

using Siri in Japanese

Japanese Siri

If you have an iPhone 4s, play around with the Japanese Siri even if you are still a beginner. It’s fun!

If you have an iPhone 4s, play around with the Japanese Siri even if you are still a beginner. It’s fun!

To turn it on

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Siri
  4. Change the language to Japanese

It may take a few minutes to download the language files, but it works remarkably well. Well, it works well for what it is intended to do.


  • As with English, speak slowly and clearly (pay special attention to the small tsu and long vowels)
  • When speaking English names from your address book, remember to read them like they are written in katakana.

Siri asks;

  • ご用件は何でしょう?
  • goyouken wa nan deshou?
  • “What do you need?”

I asked it;

  • お名前は?
  • onamae wa?
  • “What is your name?”

and it replied;

  • 名前ですか?Siriです。
  • namae desu ka? Siri desu.
  • “My name? I’m Siri.”

The only problem is “Siri” with the Japanese pronunciation sounds like “shiri” which means butt. “I am Butt.”

Next, I did what any man would do upon hearing her lovely voice: I asked her to marry me.

  • 結婚してください。
  • kekkon shite kudasai.
  • “Will you marry me?”

She answers;

  • まだお互いのことをほとんど知らないじゃないですか。
  • mada otagai no koto wo hotondo shiranai janai desu ka.
  • “The two of us hardly know each other.”

Okay, okay, enough fun. Now for the serious stuff–the stuff Siri (or Shiri or Miss Butt) was meant to do.

I asked it;

  • 今日の予定は何ですか?
  • kyou no yotei wa nan desu ka?
  • “What is on today’s schedule?”

She answered;

  • こちらの予定が見つかりました
  • kochira no yotei ga mitsukarimashita
  • “I found this appointment”

Finally I asked;

  • 今日の天気はどうですか?
  • kyou no tenki wa dou desu ka?
  • “How is today’s weather?”

And she replied;

  • 今日の天気です
  • kyou no tenki desu
  • “Today’s weather is” …

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be able to use maps here in the United States. When I ask it where a nearby pizza restaurant is, for example, it tells me stores, businesses, maps, and local information is only available in American English.

The Japanese Siri is surely much more useful if you are actually in Japan, but it is fun to play with nonetheless.

Use it for scheduling things, creating reminders, and making phone calls (~ni denwa shite).

Please leave a comment if you discover any interesting peculiarities with the Japanese Siri!

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