Hazukashii desu yo imageIn posting, that is. I was shocked to notice my last post here was on the 20th. It is nigh high into the 27th as I type. However, I do have an excuse.
I’ve made tremendous progress with customizing Drupal—the Content Management Software that will house the brand new TheJapanesePage.com site. I’m finally happy with a theme and layout. Now I have to finish the 1Nichi1Kai.com theme and layout!
I’m paying some Australian technicians to take all the existing user and forum data and translate it into the Drupal dialect. It is no easy task to make sure all twenty-six thousand member’s data is successfully ported.
Basically as soon as they give the go ahead, we will move the site immediately. They had hoped to have had all the bugs ironed out by now, but they ran into a few new problems and a few new holidays.
I really can’t wait until all the coding, theming and setting up is over. I really enjoy producing content and I can’t really do that until the dust settles. Creating content is really a way for me to study Japanese while interacting with other students.
But I guess I should finish prettying up this site first…

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