About once a year we get volunteered to give a talk about Japan and Japanese. Today we went to a local elementary school.
I started with a quiz to see how much they knew and… to have a little fun:
1) About how many Islands make up Japan?
a) 1 b) 4 c) 400 d) over 3000
2) Compared to the US, what is the size of Japan?
a) Twice the size of the US b) half the US c) the size of California d) size of this classroom
3) Compared to the US, what is the population of Japan

a) Twice the population of the US b) half the US c) same as California d) same as this classroom
4) What is considered the national sport of Japan?

a) Sumo b) baseball c) bowling d) thumb-wrestling
5) How do you say ‘sushi’ in Japanese?

a) kawabanga b) Kawasaki, c) kawanoji or d) sushi

1) d, Japan is said to be made up of over 3,000 islands
2) c, Landmass-wise, Japan is about the size of California
3) b, Population-wise, Japan is half of the US
4) a, Sumo – but if you said ‘thumb-wrestling’ you’d be close – ゆびずもう yubi zumo (finger sumo)
5) d, sushi desu!

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