Today Yumi, Makoto, my parents and I will drive 1.5 hours to pick up Yumi’s parents. They are all excited about the adventure. This is their third time to visit us I believe.
We have plans to visit the Mouse in Orlando. Normally I don’t like rodents, but we think Makoto does.
Here are a few good vocabulary words suitable for today:
onoborisan imageJapanese Vocabulary Image
義父 gifu father-in-law
義母 gibo mother-in-law
寝不足 nebusoku not enough sleep
時差ぼけ jisaboke jet lag
ツーリストっぽい tsu-risutoppoi Like a tourist (or おのぼりさん onoborisan – a visitor from the countryside interested in all the sites of the big city)

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