Yumi’s parents arrived safely, but her father’s laptop did not.
Apparently it got lost during the confusion of the security check just before boarding the flight to Florida. I’ve been on the phone with this-or-that airline and this-or-that Lost and Found and this-or-that TSA, but so far, nothing. The sad thing is, the laptop is brand new; he just got it for the trip…
I left a Canon IDX-9500 electronic dictionary on a plane in 1999 once. That wasn’t pleasant, but at least I can now empathize with customers who have sat on their dictionary or dropped it in a toilet (yes, it has happened).
As soon as we move theJapanesePage.com to the new server (no, it still hasn’t happened…), I’ll move this site to a new server too. This blog loads way too slowly.
Anyway, it is 2 AM and I should go back to bed. Yumi’s parents are jet lagged and decided to call their friends in Japan with extra loud voices for extra good reception apparently. This woke me up which got me thinking about an email I needed to send which made me open my browser to stare at this empty whitespace and type this. I’ll press Publish and go to sleep.

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