Three new Nintendo DS Games pictures

I got in three new Nintendo DS Games yesterday from Japan. I haven’t had a chance to even open them, but I will try to get to at least the 250万人の漢検* since it will replace the popular 200万人の漢検 and other posters have mentioned it.

The new games are:

  • 必殺カンフー漢字ドラゴン hissatsu kanfu- kanji doragon – Deadly Kung fu Kanji Dragon (sounds very beginner friendly, huh?)
  • 漢検DS2+常用漢字辞典 kanken DS 2 + jouyou kanji jiten – Kanji Test DS 2 + Joyo Kanji Dictionary
  • 250万人の漢検+常用漢字辞典+四字熟語辞典 2,500,000 People’s Kanji Test + Joyo Kanji Dictionary + 4 kanji compound Dictionary (has to one up the 漢検DS2 I guess)

I’ll post a video and first thoughts on the 250万人の漢検 as soon as possible.

* Man, even after writing about the 200万人の漢検 game a lot, my IME this morning gave 官憲 as the first choice for ‘kan ken’. 漢検 was fifth down the line. I must have reset my IME history or something…

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