One reason I haven’t been consistent in posting here is most of my ‘free’ time is spent working on moving theJapanesePage.com to the new server and new setup.
The need for the move has been accelerated by the current server having Error 500 problems. Basically every few refreshes will give the viewer a white screen that simply says ‘Error 500’. Needless to say, this is annoying and not in the least bit good.
Finally, my host let me know we are using too many resources and an Error 500 is basically the server shutting us off when we spike. After looking at the logs, it looks like we had a major increase in viewership the last two months. A ‘Unique Visit’ represents an individual person visiting (but the same person may visit every day and thus count as ’30’ for the month).
TJP has been on a shared server but will be moving to a dedicated server shortly! Back to working on it…

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