The Narrow Road to OkuAs you may know, every Wednesday at TheJapanShop.com we do a Super Suiyoubi Special.
Last week I mentioned last week’s special here and a reader (quite probably my only reader) mentioned that because of that he found our store and bought the book. Well, hoping lightning will strike twice, here is today’s Special.
We’ve actually had this book as our special three times in the past few months. I had waaay too many of them, but this will be the last time we’ll put this book on sale for a while. It is a beauty and perfect as a gift item. If you click on the picture and jump over to the product page, you can watch a brief video showing off all the colorful pages.
Basho is probably Japan’s most famous poet. His made haiku all over Japan during his journeys. This book is a collection of one such journey.
We are also throwing in a FREE shitajiki ($2.50 value) for every Narrow Road to Oku order today. A shitajiki is a flat piece of hard plastic that is used as a hard surface to write on. This shitajiki has all the Hiragana and Katakana on a chart.

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