I haven’t had much blogging time less because of the baby but more because of our updating theJapanesePage.com. (the baby sleeps a lot!)
At the beginning of this year, we moved the site to a new server and did major upgrades. However, many things went wrong and the upgrades turned out to be very haphazard at best. The cause of most problems was my lack of understanding Drupal, the CMS the site currently uses. After almost a year, my knowledge of how Drupal works is good enough to begin an upgrade to the newest version.
So we (the admins) decided to start literally over. We have built the site from ground up; every article has been or will be moved and polished individually. As soon as the forum is integrated and moved, we will turn the proverbial switch and that will become the new–and very much improved–TJP.

I can’t express how much nicer the new site will be. I’ve been so disappointed at how the current site was thrown together. The new version will be organized much better. Updates to come–and I’m back to work!

We will go to the hospital today for the first weighing and checkup. Will update that too!

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