Dave Barry the humor columnist, who by the way is running for President, has a week-to-week blog on the latest 24 news:
Glad to know he has good taste on television.
In case you haven’t read his material, you may want to read Dave Barry Does Japan. I especially like his description of kanji…
Just so you know where Mr. Barry stands on the important issues (need to make an informed choice for President), here are a few important questions from everyday citizens:
On National Defense:

QUESTION: Mr Barry. I must say I am impressed highly by the candor you show in these questions. Unfortunately, I see nowhere in your expansive litany dealing with the upcoming zombie outbreak. What plans do you intend to put in place to ward us from this global threat
Christopher Albertson, Milwaukee, Wisconson 7/06/07
ANSWER: I see no problem, as long as we can confine it to the Congress.
Dave Barry 7/07/07

On listening to the constituency:

QUESTION: Dave, I tried this question last week but apparently it was too lame to deserve a reply,or maybe it just got lost. Giving myself the benefit of the doubt I will ask again. When you are elected president would you support a move to have the MoonPie named the official national pie, including celebrating a national MoonPie day when everyone would drink beer and play MoonPie golf (similar to frisbee golf but requiring more athletic skill). The possibilities are endless.
Anonymous, Rochester, NY 7/06/07
ANSWER: Yes, it was too lame to deserve a reply. But thank you for asking.
Dave Barry 7/07/07

On bipartisanship:

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Barry, I am a huge fan and support your run 100%. What will you do with the polarization (or apartness for the less educated readers) between the Republicans and Democrats?
Mark M., Prospect Park, Pennsylvania 7/02/07
ANSWER: I would look for common ground. Like, I believe that all Americans, across the political spectrum, agree that, no matter how much money the advertising agency got paid for the concept, the Burger King guy in the big head is just creepy. So I would start from there, and build outward.
Dave Barry 7/02/07

On Government Efficiency:

QUESTION: How will you prioritize prioritizing your priorities?
Ben, Ventura, CA 6/30/07
ANSWER: This will be my highest priority.
Dave Barry 7/01/07

And Lastly on the Failure of Government Schools:

QUESTION: Dear President to be Mr. Berry, As a college student I believe we need to continue to bug our politicians to spend more money on education. Most politicians in order to gain all four of the college students votes promise to lower cost of education but then continue to do nothing, which doesn’t matter anyway since we haven’t votes since the days of Robert Kennedy*. Would you consider lower the cost of school by possibly lessing the requirements to get a degree, maybe you could pressure government assisted universities to cut the required credits in half to receive a degree? Any programs in mind for college assistance?
Jason, Marquette 6/28/07
ANSWER: I’d start by requiring college students to be able to spell the name of the person to whom they are writing.
Dave Barry 6/29/07

  • Man, that is one old college student!
    Read more of his Answers here.
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