Japanese Kanji FlashcardsFor months White Rabbit Press had been out of the Volume One of their extremely popular Japanese kanji flashcards. Volume One covers all kanji needed for levels 3 and 4 (the easiest) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. We finally got our shipment in last week.
Here’s the thing. I said in the above paragraph these cards are ‘extremely popular‘ and they are. Or at least they almost always are. For some reason from the moment we got this shipment in, after months of drought, we haven’t sold a single box. This is extremely unusual and quite frankly disturbing to Clay.
Poor Clay.
Any kind soul out there want to have pity on Clay and buy a box? It certainly would make his day to sell at least one this week. We used to sell at least one if not several a day and now this…
Seriously, these cards are the best on the market. If you enjoy having something physical to hold and want to learn the 300 or so most useful kanji, these flashcards are great for on the go studying.

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