Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

The new ad program WidgetBucks has been getting a lot of buzz—both the good kind and bad. (but who was it who said ‘any publicity is good publicity’?)
Some people have complained about being kicked out of the program (presumably for violating the T&Cs). Others have complained they haven’t actually received a penny, but from the start WidgetBucks has said the first payout will be in December. WidgetBucks is a part of the Mpire empire which has a good reputation and a lot of internet experience. It is still too early to know for sure, but WidgetBucks does look promising.
It started in October and I’ve been trying it out pretty much from then, buy only on this blog. The ‘selling point’ for me was they were offering a $25 bonus for signing up. You have to earn another $25 to get to the payout level of $50, but if you have a semi-popular website, that shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t made much, but this site doesn’t have a lot of traffic; plus I’ve kind of buried it to the bottom right. Thinking about it, I may try removing the ad to the right and adding a banner ad at the top to see how it performs. (done)
You may want to give a try, it seems to work very well for many people. Plus, at least for now, they are still offer $25 for new signups.

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