As you may know we are working hard at moving theJapanesePage.com to a new server. Not only that but moving it from a CMS (Content Management Software) called PHP-Fusion to a CMS called Drupal.
Drupal is currently the most or second-to-most popular CMS out there—but it ain’t WordPress. It is bare bones out of the box; a mere skeleton but because of that, Drupal’s expansion potential is huge. Not only that, but Drupal can be uber customized.  This means it is uber difficult to figure out.
Anyway, while working on the theme and adding pages, I was thinking how easy WordPress is.  Sure it’s not as powerful as a full CMS, but WordPress is nice.
The past few weeks has been a crash course on Drupal.  I still can’t totally envision how it will end up, but it has been fun.

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