Yumi checked into the hospital earlier today for the c-section tomorrow. Leaving the hospital room was pretty easy. All we had to do was to tell Makoto, “Drive! Car!” However, in the parking lot, Makoto realized mommy wasn’t with us. “Mama wa?” “Mama doko?”
We managed to get home with a (eventually) calmed down Makoto.
Tomorrow morning we will go to the hospital and I’ll take my laptop. If the Internet works, I’ll try to let friends and family know what’s going on as it happens.  Last time (with Makoto), I didn’t have Internet access at the hospital and it took twenty minutes to get home.  There were a few complications and I couldn’t really leave. So hours passed without anyone in the home front knowing what was going on.
Unfortunately, even now the hospital doesn’t have a wifi spot (why?), but I am renting a router to plug in to my laptop.  We’ll see if it works tomorrow!

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