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Kanji for Countries

Most countries around the world actually have a kanji name. This lists a few.
Most countries around the world actually have a kanji name. However in modern usage katakana is almost always used instead. But since I have created other totally useless pages, I thought adding one more won’t hurt too much…

Here are a few countries that have kanji chosen to fit the pronunciation. These are normally written in Katakana, but occationally, you may find them written:

亜米利加 アメリカ – amerika – America
阿弗利加 アフリカ – afurika - Africa
亜細亜 アジア – ajia – Asia
加奈陀 カナダ – kanada – Canada
印度 インド – indo – India
倫敦 ロンドン – rondon – London
墨西哥 メキシコ – mekishiko – Mexico
巴里 パリ – pari – Paris
羅馬 ローマ – ro-ma – Rome
露西亜 ロシア –roshia – Russia
比律賓 Firipin – the Philippines (added by user in the comments)
仏蘭西 Furansu – France
緬甸 [ビルマ] – Burma (Submitted by culturica)
越南(ベトナム) – Vietnam (Submitted by まったん)
伊太利亜(イタリア) – Italy (Submitted by まったん)
英吉利(イギリス)- England (Submitted by まったん)
西班牙(スペイン) – Spain (Submitted by まったん)
独逸(ドイツ) – Germany (Submitted by まったん)
欧州 – おうしゅう – Europe (Submitted by culturica)
波蘭 – ポーランド – Poland (Submitted by culturica)
和蘭 – オランダ – The Netherlands (Submitted by culturica)
豪州 ごうしゅう – Australia (Submitted by tokai devotee)

Here are a few locations in kanji that are used today instead of katakana

大西洋 – たいせいよう – taiseiyou – Atlantic Ocean
太平洋 – たいへいよう – taiheiyou – Pacific Ocean
米国 – べいこく – beikoku – United States
英国 – えいこく – eikoku – United Kingdom
中東 – ちゅうとう – chuutou – Middle East

For more on this, please see our Flash Countries, Languages, and People page with sound.



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