Love words in Japanese–Common ways of expressing one’s love and other fun stuff.

in Japanese

If you are wanting to express your love in Japanese, you’ve come to right place.

You may have heard the word for love, ai, isn’t used as much as its counterpart in English. This is probably true. Here is “I love you,” but remember to only use it when you really mean it.

ai shite imasu.
I love you.

Instead of the above, you are more likely to hear:

anata ga suki desu.
I like you.

Use this even when in English many people may use the “love” word.

Sometimes you have to coax it out of your love-hopeful. Try this:

watashi no koto ga suki desu ka?
Do you like me?

And when you want to say you like… anything:

~ga suki desu.
I like…

Just replace the ~ with some noun. Ex. neko ga suki desu. “I like cats.”

If someone asks you why you are doing what you are doing (and you feel adventurous):

ai shiteiru kara.
Because I love you.

Get down on your knees and practice saying:

kekkon shimasen ka?
Will you marry me?

And here are a few related words:

hito me bore
Love at first sight.

ai ai gasa
Sharing an umbrella.
[Interestingly, neither of the ai‘s here are the “love” ai. The “gasa” is a phonetic change from umbrella “kasa.”]

sweetheart; lover

kata omoi
unrequited love; one-sided love; to carry a torch for

And of course, everyone’s favorite:

sankaku kankei
Love triangle

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