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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
きゅう supply, pay 給食 kyuu shoku - school lunch
給料日 kyuu ryou bi - pay day
きゅうひさしい long time 久しぶり hisashiburi - it's been a long time
永久歯 ei kyuu shi - permanant tooth
きゅう old, former 復旧 fukkyuu - restoration, rehabilitation
旧姓 kyuu sei - maiden name (former name)
旧約聖書 kyuu yaku sei sho - the Old Testament
きゅうsuck, breathe in 深呼吸 shin ko kyuu - deep breath
人工呼吸 jin kou ko kyuu - artificial respiration, mouth to mouth
きょゆるpermit, pardon, forgive 運転免許 un ten men kyo - drivers licence
許し yurushi - pardon, forgiveness, permission
許可 kyo ka - permission, approval
ぎょ りょう fish 漁業 gyo gyou - the fishing industry
漁師 ryou shi - fisherman
漁船 gyo sen - fishing boat
きよい:せいしょうきよまる:きよめる clean, clear, pure 清水 shi mizu - spring water
清明 sei mei - pure & clean
きょうはし bridge 石橋 ishi bashi - stone bridge
歩道橋 ho dou kyou - pedestrian bridge
きょうとも together 公共 kou kyou - public, community
と共に to tomo ni - together with
共産 kyou san - communist
きょう cooperate 協会 kyou kai - association,society, organization
日本放送協会 nippon hou sou kyou kai - NHK (public television in Japan)
きょうmanage, passage けいcircles of longitude 経営 kei ei - management
経験 kei ken - experience
経済 kei zai - economics, business
きょうけいさかboundary, border line, situation 環境 kan kyou - environment
境界 kyou kai - boundary
きょうとも attendant そなえる offer 子供 kodomo - child, children
供給 kyou kyuu - supply, provision
供え物 sonae mono - an offering
きょうむねむな chest (body part) 胸毛 muna ge - chest hairs
胸部 kyou bu - chest area
きょうさけshout 叫び sakebi - a shout, scream
雄叫び otakebi - a war cry,roar
きょう conditions, state of things, still more 状況 jyou kyou - circumstances, situation
準備状況 jun bi jyou kyou - preliminary conditions, initial conditions
きょうせまい:せばめる:せばまる narrow 狭苦しい sema kurushii - cramped, to small of a place
肩身が狭い kata mi ga semai - feeling ashamed
きょうはさむ:はさまる hold between, clasp 洗濯挟み sentaku basami - clothes pin
小耳に挟む ko mimi ni hasamu - to happen to overhear
きょくがる:げる music, song, curve, turn 一曲 ikkyoku - a tune, one song
カバー曲 kaba- kyoku - a cover, remake of a song
曲がり道 magari michi - a winding road
きょく bureau, segment 結局 kekkyoku - after all, in the end
米航空宇宙局 bei kou kuu u chuu kyoku - NASA (USA)
放送局 hou sou kyoku - broadcasting office
きょくごくきわめる:きわまる:きわextreme, pole (north and south) 積極 sekkyoku - positive
南極 nan kyoku - the South Pole, Antarctic
北極 hokkyoku - the North Pole
ぎょくたま gem, jewel, round object 五百円玉 go hyaku en dama - 500 yen coin
水玉 mizu tama - a drop of water
お手玉 o te dama - juggling
きわさい verge, occation 交際 kou sai - company, association
国際 koku sai - international
実際 jissai - actual condition, practical
きん even, level 平均 hei kin - equilibrium, balance,average
平均寿命 heikin jyu myou - life expectancy
きん prohibit, not allowed 禁煙 kin en - no smoking!
禁煙車 kin en sha - non-smoking car
禁止 kin shi - prohibited, not allowed
きんごんつとめる:つとまる service 勤務 kin mu - duty, service
勤務者 kin mu sha - workers, men on duty
勤労 kin rou - labor, exertion
- district, ward 行政区 gyou sei ku - administrative district
区別 ku betsu - distinction, to make a distinction
くるしい:くるしむ:くるしめる:にがい:にが- suffering; bitter; painful 労苦 rou ku - labor, toil, hardship
暑苦しい atsu kurushii - sweltering hot
寝苦しい ne gurushii - unable to sleep well
御苦労様 go ku rou sama - good work! Thanks for your labors
- storehouse 倉庫 sou kou - a warehouse
冷蔵庫 rei zou ko - refrigerator
こうべにくれない - crimson 口紅 kuchi beni - lipstick
紅海 kou kai - the Red Sea

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