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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
ざいつみ - sin, crime 罪悪 zai aku - a crime
罪人 tsumi bito - a sinner
さかはん - slope saka - slope, hill
坂道 saka michi - a hill road
さけしゅ - sake, alcohol sake - sake
酒屋 saka ya - dealer of sake, alcohol (notice saKA)
さがす:たんさぐ- probe, search 探求 tan kyuu - quest, pursuit
探検 tan ken - explore, exploration
探偵 tan tei - detective
さがす:そう - look for 捜査 sou sa - search, investigation
捜査本部 sou sa hon bu - criminal investigation headquarters
さかずきはい - cup, counter for cups sakazuki - a wine cup, goblet
一杯 ihhai - one cup (of drink)
- bloom, come out (flowers), blossom 咲き誇る saki hokoru - to be in full bloom
咲く saku - to bloom
さく - yesterday, last... 昨日 saku jitsu - yesterday (note: this is also the kanji for kinou)
昨晩 saku ban - last night
さくさつ - card, volume, counter for books 冊数 sassuu - number of books
三冊 san satsu - 3 books
ささえる: - to support, branch 支局 shi kyoku - branch office (tv stations... ~kyoku))
支配 shi hai - to rule, control, direct
さる:- to stab (with a knife) 刺激的 shi geki teki - stimulating
刺される sasareru - to be stabbed
す: to pointゆび - finger 指し示す sashi shimesu - to point to, to indicate, to show
指揮者 shi ki sha - (music) conductor
さだか:ていじょうさだめるさだまる - fix, decide, to establish 定冠詞 tei kan shi - the definate article (the)
定期 tei ki - a fixed term (period of time)
定規 jyou gi - a ruler (for measuring)
さつ bill, paper moneyふだ - tag, label, ticket satsu - paper money
さつ- print 刷り込む suri komu - to insert (illustration), to stencil
刷毛 ha ke - paint brush
さつ - inspect, guess 警察 kei satsu - police
観察 kan satsu - observation
ざつ- rough mixed 雑誌 zasshi - magazine
複雑 fukuzatsu - complicated, complexity
さまよう - formal title, mode 様々 sama zama - various
様子 you su - state, appearance
ます:める:れいつめたい:える:やす - cold 冷たい tsumetai - cold to the touch
冷たい rei gai - damage due to the cold
冷戦 rei sen - the cold war
さら - plate, dish 皿洗い機 sara arai ki -a dishwasher machine
sara - dish, plate
さわる:しょくれる - touch, feel 触れ合い fure ai - to get in touch, to get to know
触る sawaru - to touch
さん - to calculate 算数 san su - arithmetic
算盤 soroban - abacus (non-regular reading)
さんまい- attend 参った maitta - I'm beat, I give up
参加 san ka - participation, to participate
さんる:らす:らかす:らかる - to scatter 散らかる chirakaru - messy, to lie scattered about
散髪 san patsu - hair cut,. cutting hair
散歩 san po - a stroll, a walk
さん - approve, praise 賛否 san pi - for & against, yes and no
賛美歌 san bi ka - hymn, praise song
ざんのこる:のこ- remain, ruthless 残り物 nokori mono - left over (usually food)
残念 zan nen - that's too bad, it's a shame
:じ:ぐ:つぎ - next 次のように tsugi no you ni - as follows, in the following manner
次第 shi dai - order, immediately
- tooth 歯医者 ha i sha - dentist
歯磨き ha migaki - toothpaste
- history 史上 shi jyou - historical
史上最大 shi jyou sai dai - the greatest in history

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