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The Kanji

Readings & Meanings

つ: strick; hit; to beat 舌打ち shita uchi - click one's tongue, smacking lips
抜打ち nuki uchi - a sudden assault; be surprised by...; to draw a katana and strike with the same stroke
打ち上げる uchi ageru - to launch, shoot up (a rocket, space shuttle or fireworks)
うつくしい beautiful beauty 賛美 san bi - praise
讃美歌 san bi ka - a hymn, praise song
美人 bi jin - a beautiful woman
美術 bi jutsu - art, fine arts
うつわ vessel; tool 火炎放射器 ka en hou sha ki - a flame thrower
楽器 gakki - a musical instument
消化器 shou ka ki - a fire extinguisher
炊飯器 sui han ki - a rice cooker
うでわん arm; talent; ability ude - an arm
両腕 ryou ude - both arms
腕相撲 ude zumou - arm wrestling (arm Sumo)
うぶさん childbearing; product; fortuneto give birth; to produce お土産 o mi yage - a souvenir, present from a trip for someone
国産 koku san - a national product
破産 ha san - bankrupt
不動産 fu dou san - real estate
うま horse uma - horse
河馬 ka ba - a hippo; hippopotamus
縞馬 shima uma - a zebra
流鏑馬 yabu same - archery from horseback
馬鹿 baka - foolish, an idoit, stupid
まる to be buried; to be filled upまいめる to bury; to fill up 埋まる umaru - to be buried
穴埋め ana ume - to fill in the blanks (of a form...)
うやまう:けい respect 尊敬 son kei - repect, honor,esteem
敬語 kei go - honorific language, terms of respect
うら reverse side; back; opposite 裏技 ura waza - an underhanded trick; using secret knowledge
裏口 ura guchi - back door
手裏剣 shu ri ken - a throwing star (ninja!)
裏切る ura giru - to betray
うらなto divineせんうらなdivinationめる to occupy; to hold (a seat) 独占 doku sen - a monopoly
占領地 sen ryou chi - occupied territory (by an army)
る:とくacquire; gain 心得 kokoro e - information, knowledge
得る eru - to get; to gain
かい picture 油絵 abura e - oil painting
浮世絵 uki yo e - Ukiyoe, everyday life in Edo period
絵本 e hon - a picture book (children)
かい a turn まわる:まわto turn 一回 ikkai - once, one time
今回 kon kai - this time, now
回し mawashi - Sumo's lioncloth
回復 kai fuku - recovering, recovery
えいおよswim 遠泳 en ei - long-distance swimming
水泳 sui ei - swimming
寒中水泳 kan chuu sui ei - swimming in dead of winter
えいさかえる:え:える flourish; glory 栄光 ei kou - glory
栄養 ei you - nutrition
えいながeternal 永遠 ei en - forever, eternity
永続 ei zoku - permanence, persistent
えいするどsharp 鋭い surudoi - sharp
えき warやく office; duty; role; service 悪役 aku yaku - the bad guy part, role of the villian
毒見役 doku mi yaku - a taster for posion
役に立つ yaku ni tatsu - be useful; be helpful
えき - liquid 毒液 doku eki - venom (from a snake...)
血液型 ketsu eki gata - blood type
えだ a branch (of a tree) 枯れ枝 kare eda - a dead branch
爪楊枝 tsuma you ji - toothpick
枝垂れ柳 shi dare yanagi - a Weeping Willow
えつえる to go over; to exceedto cross; to exceed; to move to 引越し hikkoshi - moving, changing residence
追い越し oi koshi - passing
む:わらう:しょう to laugh; to smile 可笑しい okashii - funny, strange, amusing
笑顔 e gao - a smiling face
えらぶ:せん to choose 選ぶ erabu - to choose, select
選挙 sen kyo - elections (very noisy!)
えんその garden 公園 kou en - park
幼稚園 you chi en - kindergarten
えんおんとおfar 永遠 ei en - forever, eternity
耳が遠い mimi ga tooi - poor hearing
望遠鏡 bou en kyou - telescope
遠足 en soku - trip; hike; picnic
えんしお salt 食塩 shoku en - table salt
塩水 shio mizu - salt water
えん to act;; to perform a play 演歌 enka - Enka (style of Japanese music)
開演 kai en - curtain opening (start of a play)
えんびる to be postponed; to be extendedばす to postpone; to extendtotal 延ばす nobasu - to lengthen; to stretch; to grow a beard
延期 en ki - to postpone
えんけむる:けむりけむsmoke 禁煙 kin en - NO SMOKING!
煙い kemui - smokey\

しょちょ beginning (lineage); cord, string (of a musical instrument) 一緒 issho - together
内緒 nai sho - secret, private
内緒話 nai sho banashi - a secret talk

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