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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
いそがしい:ぼう busy 忙しい isogashii - busy
多忙 ta bou - busy
いたはんばん board (wood); plate 看板 kan ban - sign, billboard
板挟み ita basami - a dilemma, caught between a rock and a hard place
いたい:つういたpain 片腹痛い kata hara itai - absurd, ridiculous, laughable
痛み止め itami dome - a painkiller
いだく:ほうく:かかえる hug; hold 抱擁 hou you - hug, embrace
辛抱 shin bou - patience, to put up with...
抱腹絶倒 hou fuku zettou - convulsed with laughter, split one's sides laughing
いただきちょういただsummit; receive 頂上 chou jou - peak, summit (of a mountain)
頂戴 chou dai - please, give me...
頂く itadaku - receive (something)
いち market city 大阪市 oosaka shi - Osaka City
姉妹都市 shimai toshi - sister cities
市場 ichi ba - market, marketplace
いと thread ito - thread, yarn, string
釣り糸 tsuri ito - fishing line
いとなむ:えい manage; barracks 兵営 hei ei - barracks
営業 ei gyou - business, management
営業中 ei gyou chuu - in business
いな no; denial 賛否 san pi - pros and cons, approval and disapproval
不定的 fu tei teki - negative, contradictory
いのち lifeめいみょう order 一生懸命 isshou ken mei - with utmost effort, with all one's might
運命 un mei - fate,destiny
革命 kaku mei - revolution
使命 shi mei - a mission
寿命 ju myou - a life span
いのる: to pray 祈り inori - a prayer
主の祈り shu no inori - the Lord's Prayer
る:よう require; necessary 重要 juu you - important, momentous, major
必要 hitsu you - necessary
要求 you kyuu - demands, request
る:きょ reside 紙芝居 kami shi bai - a picture play, telling a story with pictures
人形芝居 nin gyou shi bai - a puppet show
居間 i ma - a living room
いわがん rock; crag 溶岩 you gen - volcanic lava
岩手県 iwate ken - Iwate prefecture
岩登り iwa nobori - rock climbing
いわう:しゅくしゅう celebrate 祝い iwai - celebration, congratulations
祝祭日 shuku sai jitsu - a festival day
祝福 shuku fuku - a blessing
いんく:ける draw; pull 割引 wari biki - a discount, reduction
綱引き tsuna hiki - tug-of-war
引き出し hiki dashi - a drawer (from a desk)
引越し hikkoshi - to move
引用 in you - a quotation, citation
いんしるし sign; mark 印象づける in shou zukeru - to impress someone
印象的 in shou teki - impressive
印度人 in do jin - a person from India
いんcause 原因 gen in - cause, source
因って yotte - because of, accordingly
::はね feather, wing hane - a feather
wa - a counter for birds
一羽 ichi wa - one (bird)
universe, eaves, house 宇宙 u chuu - the universe, space
宇宙人 u chuu jin - an alien
宇宙飛行士 u chuu hi kou shi - an astronaut
宇宙旅行 u chuu ryo kou - Space travel
うい:しょ:はつ firstはじbeginning 最初 sai sho - first, from the beginning, onset
初場所 hatsu basho - New Year's Sumo tournament
える:わる:しょく to plant; to set up 田植え ta ue - rice planting
植物 shoku butsu - plants,vegetation
植民地 shoku min chi - a colony
うかが: to ask; to visit; to hear 伺う ukagau - to visit, to ask, inquire (honorific)
かぶ to float; to come to mindto float, to be left over 浮く uku - to float
浮世絵 uki yo e - Ukiyoe (pictures of everyday life in the Edo Period)
かる to receiveじゅpopularity; receptacle 授受 ju ju - give and receive
受ける ukeru - to be received, become popular, to catch on
受験 ju ken - taking a test
受け身 ukemi - the passive (grammar)
うけたまわる:しょう to hear; to agree to 承知 shou chi - know, say yes, consent
承認 shou nin - recognition, acknowledgement
うしなう:しつ to lose; slip 失業 shitsu gyou - unemployment
失敗 shippai - failure, mistake
失望 shitsu bou - disappointment
失礼 shitsu rei - rude, impolite, excuse me
うすい:はく thin; light; weak; pale 薄々 usu usu - dimly, slightly
薄荷 hakka - peppermint
うたがto doubt; suspectうたがdoubt; suspicion 懐疑 kai gi - doubt, skepticism
疑う utagau - to doubt
容疑者 you gi sha - a suspect (person)
疑問 gi mon - a question, doubt, problem
疑問文 gi mon bun - interrogative sentence
うちないだい inside 案内 an nai - information, guidance
県内 ken nai - within a prefecture
内緒 nai sho - secret, confidential, privacy

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