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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
しめ- to show 指し示す sashi shisu - to indicate, to point to
暗示 an ji - a hint, suggestion
- master, teacher 教師 kyou shi - an instructor, teacher
講師 kou shi - a lecturer
牧師 boku shi - a pastor, minister, clergyman
- resources 学資 gaku shi - school fund, money needed for school
資格 shi kaku - qualifications, requirements, capabilities
天然資源 ten nen shi gen - natural resources
- words 歌詞 ka shi - lyrics, words to a song
形容詞 kei you shi - adjective (grammar)
作詞 saku shi - write a song, song making
台詞 serifu - lines (of a play...), speech
- magazine 雑誌 zasshi - magazine
日誌 nisshi - diary
釣りバカ日誌 tsuri baka nisshi - 'the diary of a fishing fool' - a popular long running comedy movie series
- road 家路 ie ji - the road back home, going home
高速道路 kou soku dou ro - freeway, highway
みみ - ear 初耳 hatsu mimi - to hear something for the first time
耳が遠い mimi ga tooi - hard of hearing, poor hearing
てら - buddhist temple tera - temple
- child 孤児 ko ji - an orphan
幼児 you ji - young child, infant
児童 ji dou - children, juvenile
- word める - resign, retire お世辞 o se ji - flattery, compliment
辞書 ji sho - a dictionary
- look like, resemble 真似 mane - to imitate (non-regular reading), mimicry
似顔 ni gao - likeness, portrait
似合う ni au - to match, suit well (clothes...), looks good with
じょのぞ- to remove 大掃除 oo sou ji - big cleaning, spring cleaning
駆除 ku jo - extermination, destruction (has no relation to steven king's cute pup)
しき - ceremony, style 結婚式 kekkon shiki - a wedding ceremony
最新式 sai shin shiki - the newest style
略式 ryaku shiki - informal, simplified
しき - know 知識 chi shiki - knowledge, information
識字率 shiki ji ritsu - literacy rate
じきちょくただちに:なおす:なお- straight, fix 正直 shou jiki - honesty, integrity
真っ直ぐ massugu - straight ahead, going straight
考え直す kangae naosu - to reconsider, rethink
しずせいじょうしずか:しずまる:しずめる - quiet 冷静 rei sei - calmness, cool, composure
静電気 sei den ki - static electricity
しずくてきしたた- drop of liquid, trickle, to drip 水滴 sui teki - water drops
点滴器 ten teki ki - a dropper
しずむ:ちんしずめる - to sink 沈下 chin ka - sinking
沈思黙考 chin shi mokkou - lost in deep thought
沈黙 chin moku - silence
しめる:しめ- damp 加湿器 ka shitsu ki - humidifier
湿気 shikke - moisture
じつreal,truth みの- to bear fruit 木の実 ki no mi - nut, berry
現実 gen jitsu - reality
実現 jitsu gen - realization (of a dream)
真実 shin jitsu - truth
しまとう - island 半島 han tou - peninsula
無人島 mu jin tou - deserted island, island with no people
島流し shima nagashi - exile, banishment
まる:める:じる:ざす:へい - to close 幽閉 yuu hei - imprisonment, house arrest, confinement
閉会 hei kai - closing (a meeting)
しゃてる - to throw away, discard 使い捨て tsukai sute - disposable
投げ捨てる nage suteru - to throw away
しゃくせきむかし - old, former times, long ago 昔々 mukashi mukashi - a long time ago (start of fairy tales)
昔話 mukashi banashi - a legend, folklore, story
じゃくよわい:よわる:よわまる:よわめる - weak, weakness 弱震 jyaku shin - a weak earthquake
弱虫 yowa mushi - a weakling, coward
じゃくわかい:しくは - young 若々しい waka waka shii - youthful
若者 waka mono - young people, youth
しゅまもる:- to protect, to obey, to guard 留守 ru su - absence, not being home
見守る mi mamoru - to watch over (something)
しゅ- to take 書き取り kaki tori - dictation
尻取り shiri tori - word chain game
聞き取り kiki tori - to hear, to understand, to catch someone's words
しゅたね - seed, variety 各種 kaku shu - every kind, all sorts
種類 shurui - type, variety, a kind, category

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